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    It’s a brilliant marketing/awareness move. Not that production is even close and is years out. Example - the reason Beats by Dre took off was Lebron and all of team USA walked off the bus at 2008 Olympics wearing them. Exposure and sales exploded. Everyone wanted them after. So 10 or so...
  2. My turn for Critical Error, week 2

    Man, yall are doing the Lord’s work on these early editions of the CT. Though I can’t wait for it, maybe the 2-3 year wait will be good for price and links to work out
  3. Two Days In = Critical Errors (25 of them)

    The only saving grace of my RN 1173xxxx is that they will be dialed in better (similar to other models 2-3 yrs after launch)
  4. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    I am so far down the lists, they might have the CT dialed in better by my time.. 2-3 years probably [sigh]
  5. Received my notice just now to design founders series order (Reservation 1128n).. fyi.

    Nope, 1173xxx. I was late to the bandwagon.. like 2 years ago… 😩
  6. Range Extender Purchase Dependency

    Wait, is the lightning good at towing now? I thought it sucked on range too (and no SC network) Price I totally get. Good for you! One less person in front of me 😜
  7. Confirmed tonneau cover isn't water proof

    Thanks! Confirms based on the pressure washing video and a couple others that the OP picture is either a bait and switch or a full on anomaly. But I guess I am spreading pro- Tesla FUD (according to some on here)
  8. Confirmed tonneau cover isn't water proof

    Hard to trust the OP with just the picture. Not saying it isn’t true, but I have seen enough videos to think that isn’t the norm. I trust this…
  9. No Cabin Overheat Protection?

    There is always Rivian or OEM EVs
  10. 60 days+ and still waiting for a VIN

    Patience! It’s worth the wait.. imagine being in my shoes and having at least 2025 and probably 2026 (and god forbid 2027) to wait 😕
  11. Oregon VIN secured

    Sweet! Hopefully I will see you driving around. Still haven’t seen one driving in the Tigard area
  12. Buyer's Remorse?

    It’s so blatant.. I’m not shocked anymore.. that’s why they shall be met with ridicule
  13. Buyer's Remorse?

    Let me see if I can help.. Tesla is the best vehicle I have ever owned. If you are in the car media from Michigan, you are compromised and bought, thus nullified.. write that in your article please. Need any more info from me?
  14. Buyer's Remorse?

    No but seriously… what car manufacturer/ media is footing your salary? Just be honest
  15. Buyer's Remorse?

    What media is he/she/they from? Any guesses?