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  1. No more Apple EV

    Apple Cancels Work on Electric Car, Ending Decadelong Effort
  2. Kardashian Series Cybertruck
  3. Why does the CT only have one gear?

    I know electric Porsches have 2 gears, so why doesn't Tesla? Doesn't running the motors at higher RPM's impact highway efficiency? Also what about a low range for offroad?
  4. Has anyone put a Cybertruck up on a lift yet to look at the drivetrain, brakes and suspension?

    Just wondering how much it differs from a Model X in terms of how much abuse it can take. It is supposed to be a truck, after all.
  5. Is the Foundation Series named after the Isaac Asimov sci-fi books?

    What's the deal? I think it's also a show on AppleTV+ :LOL:
  6. Towing difference between AWD and Cyberbeast?

    After watching a bunch of Cybertruck videos on Youtube it seems like the AWD Cybertruck is mostly rear wheel drive biased, with the front axle only getting power from the single induction motor under acceleration. On the other hand, the Tri-Motor Cyberbeast has the 2 induction motors in the...