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  1. XPEL Stealth installed on my Cybertruck, looks nice

    I did not want to change the color, I just wanted a tad less gloss and less glare from the reflections of the sun. I really like how this turned out. Everyone who has seen it so far thought it is a nice improvement. This work was done at a shop in Thousand Oaks , CA. Ghost Shield Films is the...
  2. 2 weeks of Cybertruck ownership and happy with range numbers. You'll be very happy.

    Hi All. I realize so many are fretting over fingerprints, range, and build quality. I am here to make you feel better. I realize that you'll have lots of questions but I am very busy these days so I won't be able to check this thread all that often. 1. I have owned Tesla's since 2012 and have...
  3. Camarillo, CA Tesla Store now has a Cybertruck 12/28/23

    Gorgeous! This truck is smaller in real life than in the pictures. I like that the Foundation engravings are very subtle.