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  1. UnRich1

    Interest in CyberTruck Meets/Jamborees?

    My little brother is a dyed-in-the-wool Toyota FJ fan. He gets together with other FJ fanatics for off road challenging trails, in various places around the west. As a home grown Idahoan, I would be willing to get the ball rolling, but would likely need a great deal of help; that and actual...
  2. UnRich1

    Side Rail Bed Rack System from TX Ground Breaking Event?

    Who else would like to see Tesla add this custom rack system that was spotted at the Texas ground breaking event to the accessories list?
  3. UnRich1

    Has anyone been able to do anything new on the Tesla site?

    It has a new look and you can see more about the CyberTruck but I’m getting nothing new on order configuration or a timeline estimate. I for one was hoping for something more after the big delivery event. Price estimates are fine, but you really won’t know how much yours is going to cost and...