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  1. My Cybertruck in matte blue wrap + TSportline 20" CT7 Wheels + Painted Brake Calipers

    Both of these are astronomically overpriced. Kudos to Elie if he actually is able to charge this.
  2. CYBERTRON Cybertruck Build ($30K Aftermarket Upgrades)

    If someone paid $30k for $6k wheels, a wrap, and under glow, they either (1) got taken for a ride or (2) are lying about it.
  3. How much for tint?

    Just posted pics in a new thread here.
  4. Spectra PhotoSync IRD Tint (30% sides, 70% windshield)

    Got my CT tinted with Spectra PhotoSync IRD. 30% on the front sides and 70% on the windshield (nothing on rear windows). Big thanks to Monumental Workx in San Diego, the only dealer for PhotoSync IRD in the county. 30% on the fronts might meter as a very close match to the rears, but it is...
  5. What causes a stain like this on stainless steel

    To me it looks like someone sprayed a cleaning solution a bit too close.
  6. How much for tint?

    Initial impressions: clarity on the Photosync IRD 70% is perfect. Absolutely no low angle haze compared to some other cars I've been in with Xpel XR Plus and Ceramic Pro Kavaca IR. Will take some pics during the day tomorrow.
  7. How much for tint?

    Going in today for Spectra Photosync IRD 70% on the windshield and 30% on the front doors and A-pillar windows. Will post photos tonight or tomorrow depending on lighting.
  8. How much for tint?

    Tesla doesn't do anything particularly special on the Model X either so I'm not surprised.
  9. First Cybertruck at Manhiem wholesale auction

    It was not! I scrolled down before any photos loaded on mobile. :)
  10. First Cybertruck at Manhiem wholesale auction

    Two hours and no comments about how it has 69 miles.
  11. How much for tint?

    FWIW I was told someone used a solar BTU meter behind the windshield and it didn't have any useful heat rejection.
  12. 25% 3M Ceramic IR tint is a decent match to factory rear window tint

    Looks great! Think I'll do 30% on the fronts as well. Either Stratos or Photosync IRD.
  13. CT Frunk seal. Normal ?

    VIN 14xx here and same issue.
  14. 25% 3M Ceramic IR tint is a decent match to factory rear window tint

    You'll primarily want to compare TSER and IRER numbers.
  15. My All Black Everything Cybertruck: gloss black PPF and 5% tint

    Looks sick!!! Genuine question, do you drive a lot at night? I usually tint my front side windows 20%, but still find myself rolling the front windows down at night for poorly illuminated neighborhoods. How is 5%?
  16. I don’t think you need PPF protection. The steel panels hard to damage

    At the current rate, having a non-wrapped CT will be the unique option. :P
  17. 60 days+ and still waiting for a VIN

    I was a 12/11 SoCal order, only got my VIN when my CT was onsite and getting prepped for delivery.
  18. cancer patient making a wish request?

    I'm in San Diego if you'd like to meet up and take mine for a spin.
  19. NorCal Picked up 2/14

    They were on some real good ganja.