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  1. 100+ Cybertrucks spotted at Giga Texas for first time ever! (2/21/24)

    The first pic was 2/20 at 9:30am. The 2nd at 2/21 around 24 hours later. Do the math : D I count 61 - 19 = 42 in 24 hour period
  2. 60 days+ and still waiting for a VIN

    Spoken like a true RN11302XXX :p RN WARS!!!
  3. Cybertruck Order Charts: Geography, Model Type, Options, RNs Ordered (Final Update 2/20/2024)

    Probably the last update I will do. It was fun to document, but the flow of data has trickled, data cleanup is cumbersome, and the invites have slowed way down. I'll probably shift to charting deliveries next as soon as I find the time. Cheers!
  4. Cybertruck Order Charts: Geography, Model Type, Options, RNs Ordered (Final Update 2/20/2024)

    I update them all at once. Movement had slowed to a crawl so I thought there might not be any more invitations. I'll update later today.
  5. 1130 reservations getting delivered ahead of 11274...

    RNs 11274 means you are somewhere between 1-5899th in line (112744100-112749999) if it were actually a hard and fast rule. Even if they were strictly following the line, your number is probably not up yet given the number delivered. I do understand the excitement mixing with envy it's natural...
  6. 1130 reservations getting delivered ahead of 11274...

    I wish Tesla had handed out reservation numbers like the DMV hands out tickets in a way that is completely indiscernible with regard to any concept of a line. Then everyone would have excitement and not unfound envy.
  7. 1130 reservations getting delivered ahead of 11274...

    I was told by the service center here that there's been 4 deliveries in CO so I guess we are American Ultra black ops. ;p
  8. Tesla is trolling us...

    I didn't get the Valentine's Day love, but I did get the invitation others got a month ago about the Powershare availability. Hopefully another step towards a VIN!
  9. FINAL word on what Cybertruck is.....

    Good luck Taylor, wear your head gear. I'm not sure if I hate the Travis-Taylor thing more than the Romo-Simpson thing, but I do hate them both.
  10. Mileage at Delivery Seems High

    Gigafactory Texas is a mudhole, just driving it around after a rainy day makes it look "off roaded." Watch Joe Tegtmeyer's videos on YouTube to see what I mean. Past Teslas for me have had between 6-18 miles.
  11. Colorado can now "Explore the Space"

    People in the cab opening the frunk from the screen kept bonking people outside opening the frunk with the button. Pure danger.
  12. Just Got My VIN in Miami Florida

    I'm getting really good at Excel. The pattern is effectively the same, with the exception of the first couple days. It seems that people who ordered the Cyberbeast bailed after the first couple days in order to get a truck sooner. I'm too lazy to do the labels, but the states are the same for both.
  13. Colorado deliveries occurring yet?

    I was there today rummaging thru the CT (made a thread about it). Littleton rep said they've delivered 4 to customers as of 2/12.
  14. Colorado can now "Explore the Space"

    They've moved Littleton, CO Cybertruck to the Park Meadows Mall where you have full access to the truck. They don't let you raise/lower the suspension, and they've disabled a couple other software things, but otherwise full access. Two takeaways: - I'm 6'4" and there were concerns the rear seat...
  15. Boycott Tesla’ ads to air during Super Bowl

    He's a stakeholder in MobileEye, the company that made software/hardware for AP1. While I do like that version of autopilot better than current Tesla Vision base Autopilot, they wanted a cut of every Tesla sold and Elon wasn't having it. Basically cut them off at the neck.
  16. Post FS Ordering - end of invitations?

    Source. Search Google for the terms "1000" and "Cybertruck" and there isn't a single article containing those terms before Nov 30th (media outlets).
  17. Boycott Tesla’ ads to air during Super Bowl

    This dude out of touch. The cost of a Super Bowl spot was $7 million.
  18. Dark grey Pure PPF wrap

    Can't see the FS logos. Has anyone done a clear PPF wrap?