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  1. CYBERTRON Cybertruck Build ($30K Aftermarket Upgrades)

    Can we spare others from seeing this atrocity and have removed from CTOC.
  2. Edmunds: Cybertruck range test achieves 334 miles! Exceeding estimated range 👍

    Why is this a surprise? Edmunds spent about 11.5 hours driving time to cover 334 miles. That means they averaged about 29 MPH while actually driving the Cybertruck. Who cares about range driving in town and suburbia at overall low speeds unless you drive for uber or are delivering locally. The...
  3. Cybertruck Warranty - No Offroad?? Excludes driving over uneven, rough or damaged roads including potholes....

    " Driving over uneven... surfaces" Is there any road in the world that is 100% even? So the warranty doesn't cover driving the Cybertruck at all.
  4. Utah Cybertrucks Arrive at Pleasant Grove, UT for deliveries

    Figures Happy Valley gets the first batch over those Democratic heathens in SL Valley!
  5. 60 days+ and still waiting for a VIN

    They still haven't cleared 12/8/23 and 12/9/23 deliveries. Delaying your order 2 weeks means you'll likely be in a group that waits at least 3-4 months for VIN assignment. I waited to place my order until 1/5/24 because I don't want delivery until about July. I waited 10 minutes into the 2019...
  6. Cybertrax: Cybertruck with tracks (lights & light rack) ready for the snow!!! [Updated 2/13]

    Plenty of early buyers got Cybertrucks for photo ops!
  7. Cybertruck offroad performance review by pro off-road racer Emme Hall

    Me too. But if a had more than light off-roading and rough dirt road needs I'd already have a Rivian R1T. Most Cybertrucks will be wrapped to look nice at ball fields and mall parking lots anyways.
  8. Getting the run around from Tesla

    Relax, it's just a truck. I'll bet you get it before the month is out. I'm still hoping my 10 minute delay with the preorder and placing the $1000 deposit in early January means I don't get my Cybertruck before June. I wasn't planning on a new truck for about 5 years from the unveiling anyways.
  9. Cybertruck Delivery DELAYS -- mine is pending, missing parts in Austin

    I again want to thank all the paying beta testing / early adopter customers for taking one for the team. I purposely waited 10 minutes in to the unveiling to place my preorder. I also delayed my $1000 deposit until early January. Hopefully in the next 6 months adequate beta testing and working...
  10. Gloss Grey Cybertruck Wrap

    It does look like plastic. Still waiting on seeing a wrapped pink Cybertruck.
  11. Poll - Is the CT real?

    Cybertruck isn't a Rivian R1T. There's a reason Tesla never had any tested out around Moab. By all accounts it's less capable than Wilderness Series of Subarus on what Utahns call dirt roads (Texas and California style "off-roading"). Cybertruck will be fine on the Burr Trail in Southern Utah if...
  12. Just Got VIN assigned... so on the fence...

    If you need it for towing of significant weight and distance you should have passed on the $1000 deposit for the Foundation Series. If they came back around to you in another year or two and the range extender was actually available along with a skeletal V4 Supercharger network beginning to come...
  13. My Cybertruck VIN has been assigned (non-employee)! 🙌

    Good luck. I placed my order last week thinking I'll get it about 6 months after the first deliveries. Now I'd appreciate you helping Tesla to get the Cybertruck working right by the time I get mine. Thanks in advanced for taking one for the team.
  14. Tesla is Not Treating Us Like Customers

    Simple, don't buy a FS Cybertruck. You'll remain in line after they close up FS Cybertruck deliveries.. The AWD actually is reasonable close to promised specs but not price. The delay was very predictable as it was always battery development and its cost that was going to delay production until...
  15. Inozetek Super Gloss Black Wrapped Cybertruck + TCT 20" Tesla Cybertruck AeroMaxx Wheels with removable aero covers

    Makes me wonder what percent of Cybertruck owners are women? I bet will see a pink wrapped Cybertruck before too long.
  16. "Cybertruck is necessarily lowest priority for FSD..." - Elon Musk (12/30/23)

    I read that twice. However I interpreted the upcoming over the air software update to be pertaining to the continually improving features. Maybe that's why I'm not a lawyer. But it would be foolish not to opt out of the binding arbitration.
  17. "Cybertruck is necessarily lowest priority for FSD..." - Elon Musk (12/30/23)

    Let them eat cake! The peasantry can't afford the extra $20K plus forgo the $7.5K rebate to get one sooner.