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  1. Sleipnir

    Yet another Jalopnik hit piece…
  2. Sleipnir

    Accelerate your Cybertruck delivery with 30,000 Referral Credits

    No evidence...other than slashing production and massive price cuts. WTF are you talking about? Ford dropped Mach E prices $8100 today. That means if you had bought one last week you'd have lost 46% on the deal if you tried to sell it back to the dealer today. That's a problem. Edit: Local...
  3. Sleipnir

    Utah Cybertrucks Arrive at Pleasant Grove, UT for deliveries

    So curious to see if they deliver mine to Pleasant Grove which is 4 hours away or to Las Vegas which is 90 minutes...
  4. Sleipnir

    cancer patient making a wish request?

    Offer is legit as I said in the dm. So long as everyone comes out whole you can have my earlier delivery if Tesla will facilitate it. My purchase is totally driven by consumerism and vanity so delaying my gratification a bit longer is probably good for me.
  5. Sleipnir

    Front tires abnormal wear after 530 miles

    Clearly defective. Wouldn't drive it again until they get that sorted. You could be held liable now that you've posted about it if something unfortunate were to happen.
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    Cybertruck unable to charge

    You ruined it. Cyberneglect isn't even covered under warranty. You're so fucked.
  7. Sleipnir

    What did your Cybertruck come with?

    So you didn't get a satchel of Bitcoin?
  8. Sleipnir

    Aged Stainless steel looks awesome.

    Agreed. I want it to look like it’s survived the jump to hyperspace for years and can make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. 😉
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    The Nikola Scam Continues

    Two peas in a pod. Having met both of them at different times in the 2014-16 period they’re operating on the same mormon multilevel mindset. It’s scam from cradle to grave with these mouth breathing cult tards. My ex was was close with the family of former CFO at Nikola when they did their...
  10. Sleipnir

    Door safety for toddlers

    What happens to her now when she does something unpredictable with the heavy doors in your current vehicles? Try closing any door on your fingers and see what happens. #derp
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    cancer patient making a wish request?

    You can have mine if Tesla will allow a reservation swap. Waiting on vin.
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    Fastrak transponder holder & location

    I have no idea what this thread is about.
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    Accelerate your Cybertruck delivery with 30,000 Referral Credits

    As a longtime shareholder I thank you. Sucker.
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    Most Accurate Estimate of Current FS Orders

    He’s got feels bro, like all the feels man. I counted 90 in Brad Sloans vid yesterday.
  15. Sleipnir

    First 24" Wheels for Cybertruck have launched! CT7 Forged by T Sportline

    Really depends on the weight of the wheels and what tires you fit.
  16. Sleipnir

    Curious squirkle shake

    It’s was trying to help you “get there”