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  1. Cybertruck gets Horns 🦄

    There is no way that exists. Did Boss Hog drive off the lot too much in the 80's? Good thing my 84 Escort Wagon with horns didn't enact MO legislature in the 90's. LMAO.
  2. Basecamp reviews / impressions?

    Then don't buy it? I love my RTT but does impact range on R1T. This wont.
  3. Install of Powershare Home Backup hardware

    Unfortunately not too many with trucks yet. I would message or call Tesla.
  4. My Cybertruck in matte blue wrap + TSportline 20" CT7 Wheels + Painted Brake Calipers

    This is the way. If I wrap mine that is definitley the best I've seen. I have liked mostly gloss but this looks great.
  5. Portable Solar Panels for truck bed?

    I have 1kwh of portable solar that produces about 700 watts or so with really good sun . It fills my ecoflow delta2max in about 3 hours. So I could pump about 5kwh into the truck daily. Good for about 10 miles but if you really need those 10 they are possible. Probably not worth the effort...
  6. Model Y price increase 1March

    Because no one knows how to save and actually have good credit. Otherwise they would get them in the 5s or 6s.
  7. Cybertruck production rate ~80 units daily (currently as of 2/24/24)

    What are you talking about? It's a an oversized midsized truck that tows 11k. Are Tacoma and Rangers which are smaller not a truck?
  8. New Dolphin Gray Metallic - colored PPF on Cybertruck!

    Not my style but glad the owner likes it.
  9. FS is closed, prove me wrong

    Come to Kansas, you'll be rich lol. Most of our property is being bought up from out of state 😞
  10. New type of advertising using Cybertruck!!!!

    That is what has been reported and currently in the manual for the bed. I was shocked as use my electric cooler in Rivian all the time. Someone mentioned some type of engineering issue which likely will be updated eventually. Lots of surprises so far that hopefully will be improved...
  11. New type of advertising using Cybertruck!!!!

    If real, how is it powered? We've been told outlets don't work while moving.
  12. Cybertruck offroad performance review by pro off-road racer Emme Hall

    I love and will have both trucks for a period of time to see which better fits my families needs. One item to clear up per @cvalue13 is bed volume is half not 1/3 . In addition you also have a full size spare space and gear tunnel. CT is bigger for sure but definitely could have done better...
  13. Gloss Nebula Blue Cybertruck - Vinyl Wrap

    Damn shiny. I love Blue as well but not sure
  14. Rear view mirror - visibility?

    What the hell is a rainy season Lol? It happens every couple of days here. As a lot of vehicles get designed in Cali now, such over looked items with new technology fixes seem more and more to be an issue. Ford has had front sprayers for a while but needs rear as well