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  1. flowerlandfilms

    875 Cybertrucks delivered to customers so far (as of 2/27/24) says Tulsa OK rep

    If it's on display in Oklahoma I give it approximately 12 hours before Wayne Coyne has one.
  2. flowerlandfilms

    Air Suspension Pump / Reservoir Tank location below the Cybertruck bed floor (photos)

    My 12v cigarette lighter pump has gotten me out of a lot of jams. Great investment for $40 AUD. I don't mind the slowness.
  3. flowerlandfilms

    Cybertruck sells for $244,000 at Manheim wholesale auction!

    ...please give it to Sandy... ...please give it to Sandy... ...please give it to Sandy... ...please give it to Sandy... ...please give it to Sandy... ...please give it to Sandy...
  4. flowerlandfilms

    Cybertruck Chief Engineer - " Expect to see GFTX outbound lot in full Armada mode soon!"

    The only Wedge worth naming a vehicle after is Wedge Antilles. Ironically, he led multiple Armadas.
  5. flowerlandfilms

    Rumor: No Steam gaming capability for Cybertruck currently

    There were always going to be rolling upgrades that benefitted later buyers, like with every other Tesla. Maybe this is one of them. There are always some downsides to being an early adopter.
  6. flowerlandfilms

    Share Your Stereo's Sound EQ Settings

    I want one sent to Amir from Audio Science Review. I want to see the actual curve plotted. Thank you kindly.
  7. flowerlandfilms

    BoomBox Sound

    It may be expecting a certain length of the sound, or a particular file size. You might also have to boost the volume of the file digitally.
  8. flowerlandfilms

    Production Rate Seems Insanely Slow?

    You'll never get it! We'll see John Stewart returned to The Daily Show before anyone receives their... Sorry what's that?
  9. flowerlandfilms


    Congratulations. Some events from 1937 to inspire truck names: FDR was sworn in for his second term. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released. Amelia Earhart disappears. The Hindenburg disaster. (might be best to avoid that one)
  10. flowerlandfilms

    Accelerate your Cybertruck delivery with 30,000 Referral Credits

    How many credits to accelerate my RHD delivery in Australia? I'll hack the server and add them to my account right now. [legal disclaimer: i will not in fact do this]
  11. flowerlandfilms

    Rust Spots/Corrosion is the Norm

    I had only seen the closeup, apologies all around. Allow this picture to set the future standard.
  12. flowerlandfilms

    Lightbar accessory spotted on Cybertruck! 💡

    I could not possibly in all good conscience advise it.
  13. flowerlandfilms

    Rust Spots/Corrosion is the Norm

    I do not mean to be a Suspicious Alloysius, and I accuse nobody of anything. But for the purposes of clarity it would be good if pictures of any corrosion could include design details of the truck in the photo. Every image that has been posted in this thread is indistinguishable from any flat...
  14. flowerlandfilms

    3M 2080 Satin Flip Psychedelic Vinyl Wrap on Tesla Cybertruck Looks Amazing

    I'm not wrapping my Cybertruck. Aesthetically I don't like any wraps I've seen so far.... But that's a nice looking wrap.
  15. flowerlandfilms

    Cybertruck arrives in Japan! On tour from Feb. 6 - 29th

    It was in a parking lot in the middle of Tokyo.
  16. flowerlandfilms

    Cybertruck arrives in Japan! On tour from Feb. 6 - 29th

    This is the best sign yet that RHD is on the eventual menu. If it's going to China and Japan it might as well come to Australia on its press tour.
  17. flowerlandfilms

    Cybertruck arrives in Japan! On tour from Feb. 6 - 29th

    This is I saw a full size Dodge Ram last time I was there. And the Ferrari from Goldeneye. Lots of car enthusiasts of all niches.