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  1. HardyBro2

    parking into parking spots with cars in spots on both sides - anybody master this yet?

    I own a 2003 four door 6 foot bed Nissan Frontier pick up truck that among other things I use for transporting our band around to different venues. I have reversed down crazy narrow alleyways for a load in with no back up camera. I cannot wait for the day I have my CT with all those cameras to...
  2. HardyBro2

    MOLLE storage bags installed on MOLLE panels

    not every day useful but I keep a tow strap in my truck. I've used it three times to help out other people .
  3. HardyBro2

    2 weeks of Cybertruck ownership and happy with range numbers. You'll be very happy.

    Gene that's so generous of you to post and share your real life ownership experience! Thank you. We bought a 23 Model Y and it is also beautiful and flawless. I'll be selling my 2003 Nissan frontier when my CT comes up - can't wait! Cheers from Utah - James
  4. HardyBro2

    Cybertruck offroad performance review by pro off-road racer Emme Hall

    I have spent sixteen years exploring the utah outback in a Kia Sportage, 2003 Nissan Sentra, 2005 Subaru Outback, 2013 Nissan Frontier, 1993 Toyota 4 Runner and now 2003 Nissan Frontier. I've been in mud, sand, packed to loose dirt, all types of snow, bedrock, streams, and small boulders. I...
  5. HardyBro2

    How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    Replacing a 20 year old Nissan frontier and ten year old Nissan leaf
  6. HardyBro2

    The Positive, Argument Free Cybertruck Thread

    Thanks for making this post! I really appreciate it. Although not all of this forum is negative, I've taken breaks from it due to the negativity. I am so stoked for this truck. Years ago when a Tesla truck was hinted at I promised myself I would buy it and go all electric. We currently own...
  7. HardyBro2

    Delivered Cybertruck Foundation Series - Detailed Look Inside & Out

    Would love for someone to measure this back seat space with the seats up. Both length and width! We have 2 Aussie cattle dogs 55lbs. I'm imagining both there crates fitting there.
  8. HardyBro2

    Unloading in the Rain ?

    Good idea
  9. HardyBro2

    Unloading in the Rain ?

    You seen the Cyberlandr?
  10. HardyBro2

    Unloading in the Rain ?

    100% play anywhere
  11. HardyBro2

    Unloading in the Rain ?

  12. HardyBro2

    Unloading in the Rain ?

    Right on! Thank you so much for the comment. Waterproof cases would solve it and would probably keep us even more organized. Can’t tell you how excited I am to roll the gear in and out ?? No more squatting in the bed if my truck under my shell.
  13. HardyBro2

    Unloading in the Rain ?

    Totally! I think this would be an amazing option.
  14. HardyBro2

    Unloading in the Rain ?

    Softopper + vault cover could be a great answer. I just wonder how much traditional shaped truck toppers would effect the range of the cybertruck. Thanks!
  15. HardyBro2

    Unloading in the Rain ?

    Oh you know its coming man!