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  1. Coltpete

    Most Accurate Estimate of Current FS Orders

    Without the VIN tracker this is much more difficult to calculate but I wanted to throw out my best estimate as to current FS orders. Others please feel free to add your feedback to get a better snapshot of where we stand. We have 92 CTs delivered here on the forum and 1237ish orders placed...
  2. Coltpete

    2024 Cybertruck Production Rate predictions by Joe Tegtmeyer

    Sharing this here: Joe is still expecting a significant ramp up this year. Although things seem slow now, it's still likely we see non-FS this year especially as additional lines of production are put into operation. His projected build rate also concides with my estimated time line of...
  3. Coltpete

    New 4680 battery chemical makeup coming

    From @JoeTegtmeyer on x: "Some exciting insights into efforts going on at Giga Texas concerning revising 4680 chemistry composition of elements & cell changes underway right now in the northwest corner of the main factory. At the end of 2023, the 4680 battery chemical composition ratios in...