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  1. Cybertruck offroad performance review by pro off-road racer Emme Hall

    seems like a pretty fair review from a highly qualified driver....hopefully some of this can get improved with over the air updates (off road braking, lockers, etc)
  2. My Cybertruck is Delivered Today January 11!! (non-employee) 👍 First Impressions + Photos 📸

    Congrats! I'm local to you....let us know if you're going to go to a cars and coffee or show it off somewhere. I've seen tons driving around the last year, but would love to see the interior etc. Enjoy!!!
  3. Ryan Shaw's Cybertruck (Cyberbeast) Review | Off-Roading, Sand Run, Beast Mode Launch, Towing

    I don't think it qualifies for any CA tax credits. Also, there's a 50k penalty (to Tesla) for selling within the first year and not giving them first right of refusal (at a loss).
  4. Ryan Shaw's Cybertruck (Cyberbeast) Review | Off-Roading, Sand Run, Beast Mode Launch, Towing

    the dash did look pretty horrible....hopefully they get that sorted a lot better
  5. Tesla Cybertrucks off-roading in Sedona (video footage)

    It's cool to see some more offroad footage. It doesn't look like it has much articulation, but with higher ground clearance, momentum, and little regard for breaking stuff, it's a much better look vs getting stuck in a small snow hill while getting a Christmas tree.
  6. Just missed a call from Tesla re: my Cybertruck orders

    I'm guessing they will try you again at a later date to tell you they are canceling one of the orders. It would be an interesting experiment to never answer their call and see if they push both through and both get VINS assigned. Keep us posted as to what happens.
  7. Tesla MOLLE Panels & Divider installed in Cybertruck bed! 😍

    these accessories look pretty good and I'm sure there will be tons of aftermarket options in the coming months
  8. GLOSS BLACK Cybertruck completed - first look video

    I like the gloss better than matte....looks better than I would have expected. I'm looking forward to seeing gloss white too.
  9. Foundation Series purchase using Tesla Finance?

    hopefully you get delivery soon. The bummer would be if it's more than 60 days out and they need to run credit again.