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  1. Coltpete

    cancer patient making a wish request?

    I'm so happy to hear that. Congratulations and enjoy. I wish you all the best!!
  2. Coltpete

    Total Cap on Foundation Series?

    This 50 hours thing might hold true. I ordered on hour 49 and got my invite in mid January.
  3. Coltpete

    Total Cap on Foundation Series?

    Don’t worry I'm sure it will hold up in court!! Take that Tesla!!
  4. Coltpete

    Cybertruck OWNERS Registry List & Stats [Add Yours]! ✍🏻

    Vin 2280 is sitting in the gigafaxtory parking lot. It's much higher than 1700.
  5. Coltpete

    cancer patient making a wish request?

    Use the cancer card in any way possible for this. Reach out to Tesla, start a request on Twitter. Drum up enough noise that it rises to their attention. When I was diagnosed with my cancer (stage 3 colon cancer at age 33, it looked like stage 4 for about 10 days) last year, my first major mile...
  6. Coltpete

    Wiper blade issue - blurry streak

    I'll second this. Add some rainx and you'll never have to use your wipers again except for at very low speeds
  7. Coltpete

    Most Accurate Estimate of Current FS Orders

    Thanks. I figured it might be a few off. I figured that would hopefully cancel out a similar percentage off on the orders list. Again this is just to get a ballpark idea. Real accuracy is impossible given what we have to work with
  8. Coltpete

    Most Accurate Estimate of Current FS Orders

    That's the first I've heard of a VIN that high. That doesn't seem in line with any other VIN data I've seen but of course anything is possible. Update - boy was I wrong. That VIN was produced on 2/8/24 so we're likely well past that now.
  9. Coltpete

    Most Accurate Estimate of Current FS Orders

    Are you basing that off any data? I don't see anything supporting that this forum is over 1/8 of total orders. I do think there has been a nice jump in production. Joe T over on X saw 80 trucks on the lot the other day. This was compared to the 30-50 he was seeing a few weeks ago. We'll see...
  10. Coltpete

    Most Accurate Estimate of Current FS Orders

    Without the VIN tracker this is much more difficult to calculate but I wanted to throw out my best estimate as to current FS orders. Others please feel free to add your feedback to get a better snapshot of where we stand. We have 92 CTs delivered here on the forum and 1237ish orders placed...
  11. Coltpete

    Tesla's Cybertruck VIN Activation Tracker (NOT Customer VIN Allocations)

  12. Coltpete

    What tires come on Non Foundation Series CyberTruck?

    Yes he's just being petty because he's poor and/or didn't get an invite for the FS
  13. Coltpete

    Hey I’m famous!! 😂

    Congrats on making the big leagues
  14. Coltpete

    First 24" Wheels for Cybertruck have launched! CT7 Forged by T Sportline

    Looks awesome. Those are the perfect size for visual balance
  15. Coltpete

    Cybertruck OWNERS Registry List & Stats [Add Yours]! ✍🏻

    So awesome! Thank you for sharing your feedback and congrats!
  16. Coltpete

    Used preowned Cybertruck flip on Cargurus for $250K !

    This topic is so dumb. Everyone who is "selling it" just does a 12 month lease with a buyout. Nobody is the wiser. This person selling isn't doing anything in violation of the resale agreement by listing it for sale, it's only when they "sell" it which triggers the clause. People should be...
  17. Coltpete

    Cybertruck is finally mine!

    Haha definitely one of the best pictures on the forum of a delivery. Congrats!!!
  18. Coltpete

    Cybertruck as Business Expense ?

    Everyone should be doing everything they can to lower their taxes. The government is lying and stealing from you every day. Nothing wrong with legitimately using tax write offs to the maximum extent possible.
  19. Coltpete

    Bye Bye Cybertruck

    What is it that's been so appealing about the 📐compared to the model s? Right height and smoothness?