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  1. Spectra PhotoSync IRD Tint (30% sides, 70% windshield)

    Got my CT tinted with Spectra PhotoSync IRD. 30% on the front sides and 70% on the windshield (nothing on rear windows). Big thanks to Monumental Workx in San Diego, the only dealer for PhotoSync IRD in the county. 30% on the fronts might meter as a very close match to the rears, but it is...
  2. How much for tint?

    Curious how much people are paying for tint for their Cybertruck. Any info to price compare would be appreciated. I got quoted $1,100 for the windshield and $350 for the front sides, both Stek NEX.
  3. Foundation financing — has Tesla approved you?

    Just wondering if for any Foundation orders with financing have heard back from Tesla about their credit application. If so, how long did it take for Tesla to get back to you?