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  1. At what point does FSD start assisting?

    Cameras see differently than human eyes, that doesn’t make them better. Cameras require humans to convert what they record into something that can be interpreted. I am happy to acknowledge what ML can do with massive amounts of information, but I don’t think that is enough, yet. Perhaps with a...
  2. How to tell your place in line based on Cybertruck preorder reservation number

    Has anyone ordered in the last week that has played this game with the subtractions that might give us an idea of how bad it is? Supposed position in line = order number - 112,740,000 (or 112,744,100).
  3. At what point does FSD start assisting?

    Using the current Tesla approach of ML for everything yes, it would be a combinatoric problem of elephantine proportions. But people are not brought to our knees with all of what is going on around us because we filter out things that aren't important and focus on the events that 'are important...
  4. Better traction than ICE Trucks

    Suction cup mount gun turret :-)
  5. Tesla homepage for cybertruck pre-order is no longer available?

    I haven’t heard anything about the pre order count since early in January. At that time the guesstimate was close to 500,000. Does anyone know what it is now?
  6. Parking space neurosis

    Perhaps I spoke too quickly about improvements. My wife came home last night complaining about autopilot suddenly DEcellerating twice on the 85. Anyway, I think it has improved.
  7. Parking space neurosis

    It is mostly minor things like the lane speed matching and the new visualizations that, when they are released into the self driving, will mean both more expansive capabilities and better capabilities, but it is also all of the folks that have posted videos and saying how the car used to fail...
  8. Parking space neurosis

    The Cybertruck at 79” will be 4” wider (2” on each side) than my RX at 75”. In most cases that won’t be a problem. The length of 232”, on the other hand, compared to 195”, might cause a problem. You full-sized truck folks, do you have any length issues with your trucks in parking spaces and lots...
  9. Parking space neurosis

    I always park my trucks (not full-sized pickups but not compacts either) away from congestion as it is now, but I will measure width and length of my current car against parking space sizes just in case. I believe that my wife’s M3 has a parking feature but we have never used either the parking...
  10. Parking space neurosis

    I read on one of the blog posts that someone with an ‘equivalent’ sized truck has had some issues with the size of parking spaces, and was wondering if the CT would be worse. I was thinking about Elon Musk saying that the outer dimensions could be made smaller without changing cargo capacity...
  11. Tone down the accolades

    Personally I don’t buy cars to make a statement or prove anything to anyone. I see the Cybertruck as an excellent functional vehicle, and I ‘am’ concerned about the crazies of the world. My hope is that with all the M3s and MYs on the road by then that these people will either have given up or...
  12. Tone down the accolades

    Finally a silver lining to having a 275,000 reservation number :-)
  13. Tesla patents steering wheel with touchscreens and haptic feedback

    Everyone, not just Tesla, is trying to improve all of this with better voice control. I expect these things to continue improvement as time goes on. Personally I don’t do anything blind in my car so every time I change a setting I am looking away.
  14. Tesla patents steering wheel with touchscreens and haptic feedback

    I didn’t know that. Too bad. I think that I’d prefer a yoke. I rarely use the top of the wheel now and it gets in the way of the view.
  15. “Crawl Control” for the Cybertruck?

    I agree. I was just trying to clarify the performance vs comfort difference. I am certain a Tesla could do lots of things with this platform that would make it the best thing since sliced bread :-)
  16. Tesla patents steering wheel with touchscreens and haptic feedback

    Wasn’t the Cybertruck steering wheel more like an aircraft type yoke? Would it still work in this design? Also, if moving the gear stalk controls to the steering wheel, why not both of the stalks? Why stop in the middle of a concept?
  17. “Crawl Control” for the Cybertruck?

    I am not sure I agree. I am on my second SUV with regen braking and my wife has an M3 that I have driven some, though not in situations requiring what I would think of as real 4x4 control. I have also owned and driven several true 4x4s (with transfer cases), and have done a lot of driving in...
  18. Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list

    Your analysis seems quite clean. I see the quoted cargo capacity of the MX as 88 ft3, which is not much less than 100 ft3, but the MX is much smaller than the CT. It definitely doesn't have 6.5 feet in length for storage, though it probably has an overall height greater than the CT. I just use...
  19. At what point does FSD start assisting?

    What makes you say that? It must be informed by more than I am currently aware because a lot of work is being done on connected cars, which allows the FSD car to know what other cars (driver or driverless) are doing. I do not know the time horizon of deploying these capabilities but the...
  20. “Crawl Control” for the Cybertruck?

    If crawl mode is the same, or similar, to low transmission first gear on a truck with a transfer case, the. It is low speed and low torque isn’t it? For sand, snow, and rocks. If it can be done in software the. By all means it should be. With 3 motors nearly anything can be done.