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  1. TennesseeCyber

    Parking space neurosis

    Become a parking badass, like me. Problem solved.
  2. TennesseeCyber

    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    I’m not gonna lie. I love my CT brothers and sisters, but I’m secretly hoping you all get tired of waiting and get the Rivian or new electric hummer. ;) Watch the pen as I move it from side to side... you’re getting sleepy... that’s it....sleepy.... now, when I speak the word “knock-off,” you...
  3. TennesseeCyber

    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    This is totally my plan. Run my side gig for the sole purpose of accumulating Cybertruck cash. In 3 years, I should have $45k ready to cash out. I’m planning to order a cold rolled stainless steel suitcase to carry the cash to the Tesla dealer. I’ll probably need some Tron style sunglasses as...
  4. TennesseeCyber

    Rooftop Tent

    Great idea, John K. I’ve submitted patent pending on this today. Lol.
  5. TennesseeCyber

    Article: Tesla's battery acquisitions are paying off in spades, and giving rivals a lot of pain

    It seems that a full EV company with sustainable energy built into its mission would be the likely winner. The rest of the pack are lagging because none of them truly care about sustainability and are still making $$ through ICE vehicles... so their interests are still divided. Musk and Tesla...
  6. TennesseeCyber

    How many are buying CT that DONT actually NEED a truck?

    I have two kids about to be teens, so i need something bigger than my wife’s small SUV and my Chevy Volt. While technically I dont Need a truck for work purposes, I need To haul my 14ft trailer and transport heavy items periodically... so why not do it in style? Also, i live in Tennessee, so...
  7. TennesseeCyber

    Can a CT be realistically kept outside?

    Relax, bud. As I said In my post, I’ve never purchased a new vehicle, let alone paid anywhere near what I’m planning to pay for this one. Typically, when people purchase $50-70k vehicles, they don’t leave them sitting outside. Like many others, my garage simply will not fit the CT, so I thought...
  8. TennesseeCyber

    Ultimate Tesla critic, Bob Lutz, finally gives company its due

    Agree with Sonny and David. GM is on a multi decade downturn, including under Lutz. My dad worked for GM, so I’ve lived through all the plan closings and failure to adapt. Tesla is producing everting GM only wishes it could have thought up
  9. TennesseeCyber

    Anyone thinking of changing to a different Tesla model?

    I would not likely pay that kind of money for any other model of ANY brand of vehicle... including Tesla. The Cybertruck is so unique and reveals so much engineering and design brilliance, it the only vehicle for which I would pay more than $20k. Just my opinion
  10. TennesseeCyber

    Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T - Specs and Visual Comparison

    Give me the Cybertruck all day, everyday. For both form and function, the Cybertruck wins. $20k less cost and WAY better head turning style... CT wins
  11. TennesseeCyber

    Can a CT be realistically kept outside?

    Well, I’m only asking because it seems that Tesla vehicles are typically well kept and treated better than children in the home. I’m just not in a place where I want to build an extra garage just to protect this investment. I should also add the context that the CT would be my first brand new...
  12. TennesseeCyber

    Can a CT be realistically kept outside?

    Currently, I am unable to fit my wife’s small SUV into our garage. I have a Chevy Volt and we keep all 3 vehicles outside of our garage due to its limited size. I simply pull the charger for the Volt outside to plug it in when I arrive home. What should I be concerned about if I kept The Cyber...
  13. TennesseeCyber

    Video: Cybertruck being followed by Model X

    This thread illustrates how ridiculously excited we all feel! Elon! Hurry it up, buddy!
  14. TennesseeCyber

    Tesla JamCyberee Cyjamberee Cyberee?

    Love the name cyber attack! Could we schedule something closer to Tennessee? I would have to hit up a LOT of supercharger stations to get to Tahoe!:p
  15. TennesseeCyber

    Cybertruck trimotor has lowest cost per mile of range among all Teslas

    Dual motor made the top 10, so I’m still feeling good. Of course, this is all entirely dependent on getting the actual miles claimed in the Cyber Truck debut.
  16. TennesseeCyber

    What made you decide to buy your Cybertruck?

    I’ve been interested in Tesla for the engineering marvels thee produce. When I discovered CT, I was amazed. The price, mileage range, spacious cabin to fit my family of four, make longer trips, haul my trailer, tonneau cover, and adaptive air suspension... I was Marveling at the engineering...
  17. TennesseeCyber

    How to tell your place in line based on Cybertruck preorder reservation number

    So, I’m around 459k. Can anyone educate me on the roll out process. Should I expect my order to be filled sometime around 2030???