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  1. Bob Owe

    Amazing Back to the Future Remake Featuring Tesla Cybertruck is a Must See!!

    Just before CT revealed I was talking with someone about how the DeLorean was a great design for an electric car. Tesla should buy the design and make it would sell well and could be inexpensive.
  2. Bob Owe

    Anyone thinking of changing to a different Tesla model?

    I'm getting a base Model 3. The one you have to call in for...not standard plus, just standard (Funny it reminds me of how the old Macintosh computers came in the 80's: Mac or Mac+), Figure it would be a good start for me. CT got my attention and the 3 seduced me!!! It's been Tesla mind...
  3. Bob Owe

    Cybertruck spotted filming for Jay Leno's Garage and accelerating in traffic (video)

    This is a funny video, Look forward to the episode...and my Cybertruck!
  4. Bob Owe

    How to tell your place in line based on Cybertruck preorder reservation number

    Four hundred and thirty six thousandth! A dual motor that I expect to buy. I'll get a model 3 soon and wait patiently.
  5. Bob Owe

    Suspension System

    How about a coilover kit? Will the truck be able to easily accommodate the non tech suspension? Maybe it would be a good option or design in future trucks.
  6. Bob Owe

    How Cybertruck development may have been influenced by tweets

    Sure would be interesting to see a small truck version for the single engine. A smaller truck could even be more simple in design. Maybe a smaller backseat area, still I love the big truck too! I'm sure it will happen some time. Being able to plug in a solar panel directly would be great...