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  1. rr6013

    Is the additional range from the single motor to the dual worth $10k?

    Understood but “fleet” sales? There exist 50 state DOT dept. fleets, 100’s of Fortune fleets and 1000’s of commercial fleet sales that drive FORD F series revenue. Hell FORD slip a new car in 50 state governors garage 1JAN every year at midnight. RWD is not really about top line vehicle...
  2. rr6013

    CT vulnerabilities to persistent climate extremes

    In a word, Rover 4x4’s self-destruct but do serve as worst-case examples. Tesla’s Cybertruck specifically can count on early adopters stress testing its designer and engineers assumptions. Myself and scores of others have peppered this newsgroup for Tesla folks to peruse real-world auto mfg’r...
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    Why Elon Thinks Cybertruck Suspension 'Game Changing'. (My Newest Video)

    I’ve been pretty heads-up on here for sake of a Cybertruck to rule them all. I am sold on the design with a deposit on a tri-motor. Its not a unicorn. Air suspension isn’t new nor independent suspension - dynamic dampening neither. Three things about independent air suspension: Military air...
  4. rr6013

    "Ticket Avoidance Mode" hinted at by Tesla

    I can see where Tesla AI could track a speeding “ Bird Dog” vehicle that passes it. That would put the Bird Dog in first position to hunt a ticket. Tesla AI could use fenced GEO Map tracking following it as a TAS enabled roadway. Meta version is an AI traffic scanner tracking Tesla speeds that...
  5. rr6013

    Is the additional range from the single motor to the dual worth $10k?

    It is one thing to give up quickness. But if the single motor also can’t keep up relative to top-end speed, its another. Does anyone have “speed” numbers for single, dual and tri-motor? I’m surprised that the torque of the single RWD Cybertruck is not as “quick” as dual motors. Besides seeing...
  6. rr6013

    Where will we put the "key"?

    Key is so obvious and simple to hack. I favor TFA type scheme even a mechanical one is fine. Dependencies on starting your truck beyond mechanical are well prone to fail. We have just now overcome “battery” so I’m no fan of adding failure modes.
  7. rr6013


    @Crissa you make a distinction that I am not aware. It must be important. “Blocking“ is not a design failure mode I’m familiar. Perhaps its rocket science. Can you share how this failure-blocking happens by example? Are you alluding to software by example Boeing incremental testing blocking a...
  8. rr6013

    Tesla ride-sharing platform launch-moment has arrived?

    I return to this thread after CA voters rejected the proposition that would have equalized driver compensation to the State minimum standards. People don’t care - not about the driver who takes them cheaply to their destination. Money or the fear of money increasing the cost to Lyft/Uber...
  9. rr6013

    Cyber Truck, 20 Year classic design or annual/ bi-annual/decade updates..?

    Cybertruck is a 1957 Chevy. Iconic design. There is only one. More configurations of Cybertruck could be versioned. BUT Tesla would not change its flagship iconic design. It would design a new truck and badge it accordingly. It would purposely be designed as an entirely different vehicle even...
  10. rr6013

    Tesla Publishes Patent for 'Overload Clutch with Superior Characteristics with Respect to Mechanical Strength'

    This is a superior engineering approach for handling over-torque. My 1991 RR employed liquid viscous centrifugal clutch (i.e. torque converter) at the transfer case. Its downside was that the Buick designed alum. engine could not over-power the converter. SO when stuck, the vehicle wasn’t able...
  11. rr6013

    Is the additional range from the single motor to the dual worth $10k?

    We don’t have the torque values to compare single to dual motors. The Sgl-motor CT could be the Prius in the stable at Tesla. OTOH, it could be the sleeper with the strongest but shortest legs. DK
  12. rr6013


    Exactly. Baja 1000 pre-runner 2 wheel drives have caught my attention. As you allude, electrons weigh less than tranfer cases, transmissions, driveline, carriers, housings and running gear. BEV are torque monsters. Pre-runners thrive on torque. The bigger the electric motor the bigger the...
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    Seems like grist for the rumor mill. Development would be better directed toward fewer hi-output motors that are more efficient. Less draw, less drain and ludicrous performance with simplification of the platform. There could be savings depending on the software/ battery life tradeoff. There...
  14. rr6013

    Unbundling Elon Musk’s Tesla Masterplan For World Domination

    Semi prototypes have done shag duty. Tesla have firm orders on the shag configuration. It is a niche and desperately needed solution to port intramodal smog problems. Big ships sit idle spewing NOx while ppm reading climb. So the long haul is still on the on the drawing board. Cyber truck is...
  15. rr6013

    Unbundling Elon Musk’s Tesla Masterplan For World Domination

    The takeaway at the end of the article cannot be argued. Tesla is emerging as a leader in Energy, distribution-at-scale, energy networking and battery energy storage as eco-system. Tesla plans for Mobility, begin and end with sustainabilty. Its million mile warrantee - a promise. Vehicles after...
  16. rr6013

    Article: Tesla’s business strategy is not chaotic – it’s brilliant

    Great research share. I liked the insights into bottleneck throttling by Intel and delivering solutions over products. This last point highlights the abstraction over componentry and products. Elon Musk‘s long term strategy is for Tesla to own the abstraction layer. And the OP is correct...
  17. rr6013

    Toyota president: Tesla has ‘not created a real business in the real world yet’

    Toyoda makes a comment with out a distinction. SteveJobs did not invent the computer. Apple did not invent the smartphone. Yet AAPL is the most profitable company in the history of the world. It thrives on being a 3rd generation innovator. Elon is following SteveJobs’ template...
  18. rr6013

    How hot does a glass roof get?

    SO there’s two truths. 1) IF you have clear glass or tinted, sunroof is hot. Ceramic will help but not to the extent you might expect. 2) Factory Solar tint sunroof is not hot. Ceramic will make it transfer even less heat. I ceramic coated a tinted w/s on my 4Runner. It helped. I could feel the...
  19. rr6013

    Tesla looking into steer-by-wire with new development team at Austin

    Throttle-by-wire is old news in the USA. NBD Drive-by-wire is present too. 2012 VW Sportwagon would flinch its steer approaching the off-camber roadway southbound on the Hwy1 Robin Williams tunnel (Waldo grade). It could not be trusted. Elon’s fully Electric version advances the elec/hydraulics...
  20. rr6013

    Cyber Camper concept for Cybertruck

    Joe, modify the tailgate to accept attachment for the soft screen closure then you’d feel more “tent” like than canopy.