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  1. Coolbreeze704

    Full Length Roof-Bed Cargo Rack Concept

    This is the Cyber truck. Can't use old fashion light systems. I recommend lasers of something. These just looked dated on the truck like the Jerry cans.
  2. Coolbreeze704

    Update: Cybertruck Full Self Driving (FSD) Option Now Costs $8K

    So I am at work for 11 hours and my truck would just be sitting there. With FSD how will the cybertaxi work? Will I sign up for it and Tesla controls the hand off of my truck to someone and charges them and goes into an account for me? Want guarentees the truck is back when I need it to go home...
  3. Coolbreeze704

    Is there value in your early reservation

    With already reaching a half a million pre-orders is there monetary value in your early reservation? By the time we get to 2021/2022 and start a production there could be 750, 000 to a million plus orders. Has it been done or is it even possible to sell your reservation or have someone pay...
  4. Coolbreeze704

    Rumor: There will be no single motor Cybertruck! RWD model will be dual motor.

    I have a hard time understanding this. So the AWD dual motor will have a single motor in the rr and a single in the front? Why would you put a different drive train in the rr of the dual then the rwd? Why would the AWD be 10k more with the same amount of motors? Makes no sense to me. Of course...
  5. Coolbreeze704

    Cybertruck (Orders) Demand Would Take 3-4 Years Production to Fulfill Says Musk

    My options selected were dual motor, FSD and neurallink. ;) What a sweet connection it will be!
  6. Coolbreeze704

    Cybertruck trimotor has lowest cost per mile of range among all Teslas

    And I don't believe that is due to battery chemistry or new technology's advancing that mileage. By the time the Cybertruck goes into production I read here that there could be advances in the battery packs themselves to improve efficiency's. Does the mileage announced already take those new...
  7. Coolbreeze704

    Cybertruck trimotor has lowest cost per mile of range among all Teslas

    By the time the dual motor is produced it will be interesting to see what that 300 mile + turns into. Could we see a number north of 340? Does the 500+ turn into 550 plus or even more?
  8. Coolbreeze704

    Are you new to Tesla?

    I tried to get in the electric game early with the Hammerhead I-Force Eagle . Concept vehicle didn't work out and they kept my deposit. I think Clarkson took my deposit and got silly drunk with it.