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    Tesla Seeks Approval for Battery Production at Texas Gigafactory

    I am Mexican and worked construction, Texas has a lot of Us there. I guess you have not seen how fast we can build things ;) China also built a massive hospital in weeks!
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    Whoever ordered before Dec 2019 will bank $

    Not me as I See it probably costing more as inflation and the self driving that is worth 100k easy is added for 7k ;)
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    Whoever ordered before Dec 2019 will bank $

    Depending on the model number and how soon. Supply and demand becomes crazy. Some people said they sold their spot for 300% profit. Why could someone with cash to burn not pay 2x the price to get a 3 motor with a vin under 10k lol. I bet it happens.
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    Whoever ordered before Dec 2019 will bank $

    So if you ordered in NOV I think the Cybertrucks will be worth double or triple what people pay for them. I believe FOMO will kick in because its basically an aventador for 1/5 the price and its better lol. Its basically like buying 50k tesla stock in march. This is going to be one of the best...
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    Do you hold more than one CT reservation?

    I placed 2 orders but Only see one on my account. Is this the same for you all? I dont remember logging in for the 2nd one or fist one. I see the 100 taken out from my credit card for both....
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    Help- I got 2 CT reservations but only can login to one.

    Hello I got two reservations for the Cybertruck back in November but used a different email now only one lets me login. I have a bunch of emails for work and never created an account with the 2nd one. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Tesla Vehicle Questions, Answered

    Good info. I am in Calfornia looking to move to Texas. I wonder if I will be bumped up in delivery? I got in under 50k for both 3 motor and a 2 motor.
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    Elon Musk is ready to pull out of California, over CA not allowing the plant to be reopened.

    Another reason he liked the west coast was their ports in San Fran they can import things and ship to China very easy out of Oakland which is neighbors to their factory. I agree he should move to Houston Tx. He could live like a king there. I might move out of California this year as well....
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    Solution to prevent Electroinc hacking and theft.

    First Time post, Lurking for a while. Future Tri and Dual owner under 69k order So I have talked to my wife about it and others and people are afraid it can be hacked into and possibly stolen remotely. I have a solution. Just get a lift and park it on the lift with the tires off the ground...