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  1. TyPope

    Gigafactory in Texas

    The process is almost the same as it is here in Nebraska. You buy it online just like everyone else. For us, since Tesla can't we went and picked up our Model Y in Kansas which is a 90 mile drive which was nice because we got a good checkout of the Model Y on the way back. From what I've...
  2. TyPope


    If you already ordered it, I'd be willing to bet you'd have it by Summer of 2022. Once they get building, they'll be able to pump out about 2,400 a week from a single line and shift. double that if they work two shifts. You, ordering a dual motor would probably be in the first 400,000...
  3. TyPope

    GMC Hummer EV

    You are kidding, I hope. Having driven F-350s for many years, I would LOVE to have that crab walk feature! The same mechanism that allows the crab walk allows for a MUCH tighter turning radius. Small parking lots are the bane to long trucks...
  4. TyPope

    Cybertruck News From Battery Day: A/C Controls in Bed Possible and 200k-300k Annual Production Estimate

    They won't really be pressing the steel into shape... Basically just folding it. Range prediction: 620 miles /1,000 km.
  5. TyPope

    Need Opinion

    That's probably the biggest contributor to the problem. Though, those fires tend to sweep through the forest quite well with no houses around.
  6. TyPope

    Why Tesla’s Battery Day Will Actually Live Up to the Hype

    I know I await. But, when the dust clears, the only two questions that I hope get answered are: How does this affect my Cybertruck? and How does this affect my stock? Yeah, selfish me. I should wonder how this will affect the electric vs. gas proposition... will electrics finally be cheaper...
  7. TyPope

    5:1 Tesla stock split

    Well, if you bought Tesla stock, you may earn enough on it to get your Cybertruck without having to put out any more money... Or, since you already have all the money you'll need, you could donate to some charity or research effort...
  8. TyPope

    Are the specs achievable?

    But, they are a competitor from at least one point of view. Tesla literally stole the sale of an F350 Platinum which I was planning on. Instead, I sold my truck and am waiting on a Cybertruck. That's minus one F-350 sale for Ford this year compliments of Tesla.
  9. TyPope

    Armor Glass Windshield

    Fair enough. Still, spare glass? They hit the door, too.
  10. TyPope

    Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list

    Yeah, it'd be good to fight vampire losses while it's parked at the airport, though.
  11. TyPope

    Cybertruck confirmed specs / features list

    Someone good with drafting software should be able to figure it out fairly easy. I mean, you've got scale - it's 57" wide. From my paper model here at work and using pencil marks on a piece of paper, it looks like the width is 3 times the height with maybe one extra inch in there. So, I'd...
  12. TyPope

    Thoughts on using generator to charge

    LOL... I was reading through the posts wondering when you'd lament the "why didn't you search before making a new thread" of this.
  13. TyPope

    Armor Glass Windshield

    yeah, I know... He's not THAT good of an actor. But, it sure worked out great for them. Tesla doesn't advertise but that sure kept them in the consumer's conscience for a long time.
  14. TyPope

    Exciting Battery Day topics coming to light

    Even if it's just low power items, pace makers, other implants, buoys, satellites, garage door openers... man, basically anything that now requires a little button battery or hearing aide battery could be made so much better. I mean, ear buds that last a long time... you wouldn't have to make...
  15. TyPope

    Armor Glass Windshield

    ... that was a stroke of genius... got everyone talking about a truck that most had not even heard about. Caused people to look into it more... It struck me as odd that within 30 minutes of that demo, they had both windows replaced for the demo rides. You can see in some videos the guys...
  16. TyPope

    Exciting Battery Day topics coming to light

    Hey, have you guys seen this?
  17. TyPope

    Rumor: 1st Tesla Cybertruck Owners Will Be Tesla Employees

    Oh, I know they are different. I'm sure that Tesla learned a lot while ramping up production of the M3 and MY. They are learning what works and does not work. The exoskeleton is different but all the other components are pretty similar to their existing vehicles... well, as far as production...
  18. TyPope

    Tesla's 700 Mile Battery Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

    Good point. Further, what's the longest people drive without stopping? Four hours? That's 240 miles at an average of 60mph... 280 miles at 70mph... Now, I've driven 27 hours in one sitting but I stopped for diesel several times and I stopped in the middle of nowhere and took a 15 minute nap...
  19. TyPope

    Exciting Battery Day topics coming to light

    I know, right? I'd like to see some kind of split battery pack where a portion of it could discharge extremely rapid to give a lot of power when you put the go pedal down... sort of like capacitors that charge up when they aren't being actively used and then they either discharge back to the...
  20. TyPope

    If you have the cash, should you buy or lease?

    Meh... our Model Y was one of the first 15,000 built. We haven't had any issues other than the little paint issue that was basically nothing. Glad we got it when we did. I'm sure the CT will have even better build quality. (and no paint!)