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  1. Solar Carport for Cybertruck

    no. just build your own and put solar on top...
  2. Justify the cost to own

    Most power outages are only a day or two.
  3. Justify the cost to own

    sure would be nice to use the truck to power the house in a blackout vs the noisy generator! major added value.
  4. Justify the cost to own

    i purchased my truck in 2013 for $40k. I've now surpassed $40k in fuel alone. plus oil changes and the other ice maintenance... next truck will be electric for sure.
  5. Ride The Lightning podcast source says tri-motor Cybertruck will have at least 560 miles range + steering wheel has changed from prototype

    PG guy may not realize most of those "fast chargers" being installed up north by BC hydro and the province are only 50kw. You'll be sitting for hours charging a 200kwh battery.
  6. Cybertrucks Will Have Larger Parking Spots at Tesla Superchargers

    Costco had the wider stalls figured out decades ago. I welcome any business making parking stalls wider.
  7. Range reduction when towing.

    Im expecting a 2/3 drop in range. 500 miles turns into 170 miles under full load. This is worst case scenario in my mind so if they can improve on this I'll be happy!
  8. Electric Ford F-150 powered by gasoline? Patent shows how it’s possible

    Good idea as a dealer rental for the odd long tow trip. That way you don’t have to buy the giant battery you never use.
  9. Whoever ordered before Dec 2019 will bank $

    i could see being able to flip for an exta $10k but triple is dreaming.
  10. Cybertrucks Will Have Larger Parking Spots at Tesla Superchargers

    Seems odd to build these specifically wider stalls but no mention of trailer pull thru’s?
  11. Would you buy a place in line in the first 20,000 numbers for $1,000?

    i would if i could sell it for a huge premium ($10k) within the first few months of production. otherwise no way. ill let the early adopters work out all the bugs. i'm probably getting mine by the third year.
  12. Exciting Battery Day topics coming to light

    tri motor does not already have 500 miles range. the much smaller cars are just pushing 300. i think they've been waiting for the battery tech to improve to get a much larger vehicle to 500 miles. sounds like its here.
  13. Are the specs achievable?

    the problem has always been the name "auto pilot". if it was "driver assist" people wouldn't be zoning out behind the wheel. FSD will get there one day. i just don't expect to see mass adoption for another couple decades.
  14. Are the specs achievable?

    usually when you build a truck suited for off road, you sacrifice towing and payload due to the softer suspension. towing rigs aren't usually good for off road due to being too stiff. tesla claims the cybertruck will do it all. again i have to ask, why has nobody built this yet? maybe...
  15. Are the specs achievable?

    model y dual motor is pretty expensive and it doesn't have air suspension with active damping. i find the cybertruck spec/price combination unbelievable.
  16. Are the specs achievable?

    Are the cybertruck specs really achievable for the price listed? if so, why have the other manufacturers not built anything like it? Ram TRX is pretty badass but still doesn't compare and it will be EXPENSIVE. How does Tesla get 3500lbs payload and 16" of ground clearance with air suspension...
  17. Is Range king?

    superchargers will play a big part. charging your truck at rv campgrounds will become the norm for those pulling travel trailers.