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  1. Cyberman

    What is the current res number.

    It's been over a million for a while now.
  2. Cyberman

    The reality true prize of cybertruck.

    That would be AWESOME.
  3. Cyberman

    Is the folded exoskeleton actually easy to manufacture

    Methinks they'll be HSSS profiles, already in the works.
  4. Cyberman

    A greeting that truly stands out...

    Can I get some of what you're smokin'?
  5. Cyberman

    The reality true prize of cybertruck.

    David, I congratulate you for fearlessly tackling a language which appears to be a second language, or even a distant third. I'm quite sure the price of Cybertruck is plus tax and license, so definitely allow for that. But consider the fact, if you don't get the Cybertruck, you'll always regret...
  6. Cyberman

    Is the folded exoskeleton actually easy to manufacture

    The 3mm exoskeleton will be spot welded to a thinner, softer stainless steel which is stamped into the needed shapes for the inner frame, door frames. It's not all 3mm thru and thru. It's really nothing like the Delorean, which was a thin skin of malleable SS shafted on a fiberglass structure...
  7. Cyberman

    Who would like voice activated control.

    I just wanna use it to summon Cybertruck with a whistle "Here Boy!" and it rolls up all panting... I know. It's Cybertruck abuse.
  8. Cyberman

    Cybertruck production gets closer as Gigafactory Texas shifts to 24/7 construction

    It's awe-inspiring to look at this place being built. We are witnessing history in the making, the newest and most technologically advanced car factory in the Everything about this place, from the design, materials, execution is state of the art. Breathtaking, for sure. Am I...
  9. Cyberman

    Rumor: 1st Tesla Cybertruck Owners Will Be Tesla Employees

    I'm hoping to pull off being a consultant...
  10. Cyberman

    Is the additional range from the single motor to the dual worth $10k?

    Everyone's answer is, predictably, the same. It's not the range, it's 4WD and the power of two motors. I sure don't want the "slow Cybertruck". I just wish it would hurry the F up and get here! It's been a year and I'm crawling out of my skin...
  11. Cyberman

    Tailgate port use?

    Maybe a taillight?
  12. Cyberman


    You could even sandblast the tailgate to provide traction, since rust is a thing of the past...
  13. Cyberman

    Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so says Musk!

    I always make sure when I buy a machete, it's made of the best paper
  14. Cyberman

    Are the specs achievable?

    Same here. Was planning on buying a F-150 or maybe a Chevy this time around (I've only bought Fords for the last 20 years), but as soon as I saw the Cybertruck, I realized this is what I'd been waiting for!!! Ford lost me forever to Tesla
  15. Cyberman

    Cybertruck incentives.

    I kinda think when you have a million or so Cybertrucks reserved, you don't need to throw incentives out at people.
  16. Cyberman

    Are the specs achievable?

    If Elon says he can do it for this price, he can. The rest of the manufacturers are obsessed with profit, and to a certain point, they're victims of their own circumstance. They've been building ICE engines for over 100 years, and they get more complex every year. They have to build an ICE...
  17. Cyberman

    Cybertruck Off-Road Capability

    Not just that, but imagine driving through a river and lifting the suspension to its full 16" height, no worries, there's no carb or air intake to flood, and with such a low center of gravity, rollovers are not a thing.
  18. Cyberman

    Sandy Munro on EV Trucks (Cybertruck vs Rivian and Hummer EV comparison)

    Looking at everything from my perspective, taking all factors into account, subtracting for error, I vote for comparing the five Cybertrucks to... another Cybertruck. Because nothing else is going to compare.
  19. Cyberman

    Elon Musk teases ‘lots of improvements’ for the production Cybertruck

    Well, this is really ideal news. This means they're pretty much going to improve and re-improve Cybertruck until they deliver me mine!!! Yeah it's taking way too long, but hell, it's getting better and better. Since the unveil, Elon has changed it to have better suspension, ka-zillion mile...