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  1. BillyGee

    Foundation Series Remorse

    I average 140 miles each work day and I have literally never had a single problem with range. People just want to complain.
  2. BillyGee

    Foundation Series Remorse

    My model Y Performance supposedly tops out at 279 miles and I have never once had a single issue with that range. I have a charger at home, which helps a lot, so unless I'm going really far out of town I don't ever worry about topping off. Don't forget that Tesla also optimizes over time with...
  3. BillyGee

    Noisy / vibrations on highway?

    My F350 sat about about 65dB while driving on the freeway. That's an easy to beat number.
  4. BillyGee

    "Cybertruck is necessarily lowest priority for FSD..." - Elon Musk (12/30/23)

    It's not even FSD on my car, just normal AP. I drive about 4k miles a month and I use AP about 90% of the time. It was the day after the update and I got a strike within 3 seconds for looking at the display to set my destination. It disabled AP until I parked. Then it warned me that I only had...
  5. BillyGee

    "Cybertruck is necessarily lowest priority for FSD..." - Elon Musk (12/30/23)

    One of the nice things about living in CA is that your safety score doesn't impact insurance, so no. And yeah, you get warnings for doing extremely dangerous things like looking at your sideview mirror or eating something. It's almost not worth using at the moment. I even got a warning for...
  6. BillyGee

    "Cybertruck is necessarily lowest priority for FSD..." - Elon Musk (12/30/23)

    Considering how much I i use AP, that's a bit disappointing. However, after this last update I use the basic TACC more since the car gave me a strike for taking off my hat and another for using the display to set my destination. At least the OTA updates will enable it eventually.
  7. BillyGee

    Tesla MOLLE Panels & Divider installed in Cybertruck bed! 😍

    If the extender fit in the under bed storage I'd be much more interested. Are these dividers and wall panels standard in the premium accessories?
  8. BillyGee

    Golf bag fits easily in Cybertruck frunk - demo video

    What about Milwaukee toolboxes?
  9. BillyGee

    Range for AWD Cybertruck after many real world tests

    Here's the chart we're going to need, this is from my Model Y with 91,500 miles on it. A tiny sample is just that, tiny. The other consideration is that Tesla optimizes their machines over time with OTA updates. I wouldn't be surprised if the CT gets an eco mode like the Model S and X before...
  10. BillyGee

    Your Foundation Series Production/Delivery Date is Viewable by Tesla Sales Reps

    The reps have always been honest with me about usually knowing even less than the people online do.
  11. BillyGee

    Optimus Bot Gen 2 Introduced! 🦾

    I still want to know the price point. I can imagine one of these trained to do menial tasks like cleaning, organizing, picking orders, and such, would be extremely cost effective for even a small business.
  12. BillyGee

    "Prepare for Delivery" Email Received for RN11278xxxx (Cybertruck Foundation Series Cyberbeast AWD)! 😱

    Interesting, I have an earlier RN than you and I haven't heard anything yet. Congrats!
  13. BillyGee

    Making the pilgrimage to San Jose showroom Cybertruck. Any requests?

    This bone looks to have a normal rearview mirror in it. This hitch was also covered. And apparently the people here can't even open it. I wish. See above.
  14. BillyGee

    Making the pilgrimage to San Jose showroom Cybertruck. Any requests?

    Out and about in the Bay Area for work today and going to be stopping by the San Jose showroom to check out the truck they have there. Anyone have any requests for anything they haven't seen?
  15. BillyGee

    Does it matter what trim I ordered?
  16. BillyGee

    Does it matter what trim I ordered?

    The only thing we know for sure is that they are going to guarantee the FSD price if you locked it in. As far as Trims and configuration, it's a ghost's fart in the neighbor's house.
  17. BillyGee

    Cybertruck NO RESALE Restriction (1 Year) Spotted in Purchase Agreement Language

    My Tesla insurance has a provision about nuclear bombs. This is less far fetched.