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  1. Range Extender in the bed - no capacity left 🤷‍♂️

    Many years ago I read a critique of a Mercedes with ludicrously low recommended total weight to avoid exceeding a regulatory limit, suggesting very little cargo capacity. The reviewer described the car as ideal for a toothbrush-toting family of dwarves on their way to a nudist colony 😆
  2. Range for AWD Cybertruck after many real world tests

    Gigahorse said, “Can't imagine all 3 trips were all up hill” (emphasis mine) which would make a difference.
  3. Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective

    Could you be more specific in your critique of the article? You said it’s garbage, and the one passage is not the whole truth. No article is the whole truth because it’s been condensed into a few paragraphs. The whole truth would require an exact replica of the entire environment, clearly...
  4. Tesla blamed drivers for failures of parts it long knew were defective

    I’m eagerly awaiting my Cybertruck, but am glad there are 460,000 ahead of me so I can see quality issues before ordering. This investigative report concerns me because it shows systematic avoidance of fixing defects over years. I’m sure many of us will have thoughts...
  5. Wishlist - Cybertruck Toddler Car Seat

    The cybertruck is far too powerful for a toddler to be driving. Also, too powerful for me to be driving, so look out!
  6. Check out the rear legroom, storage space w/ back seats folded up, and huge glass roof

    Has anyone tried moving the front seats all the way forward and then reclining them flat?
  7. Would a windshield created out of Borosilicate float glass be stronger than a typical windshield?

    Laboratory beakers are made of borosilicate glass, so it is tough. I just looked up borosilicate float glass and found a couple references to it being even more abrasion resistant than borosilicate glass. I would be very happy with a laboratory grade windshield! We will be able to fill our...
  8. Funny Cybertruck memes, images, videos 🤣

    How hard is it to remove the turret to store in your garage when you need more range?
  9. Will FSD price at preorder be honored?

    How will SBW affect FSD? Will the steering wheel turn on its own? Of not, won’t it be harder to monitor FSD closely? We’d notice the truck was unexpectedly turning or not turning later by seeing the result rather than if we felt the wheel. Eventually FSD may be reliable enough this won’t...
  10. Cybertruck Engineering Innovations - Great Summary

    How would AP and FSD handle two different steering models? Would it require separate development so that neither model gets as much training data?
  11. Best looks @ Cybertruck display menu controls / open frunk / dashboard-interior / glass roof

    I’ve seen videos by AIDriver on YouTube showing FSD folding the mirrors while squeezing through narrow streets, so probably
  12. Tesla Prepares To Turn Heated Front Seats and Wipers Into Paid Features

    As much as I want to get as much as possible for as low a price as possible, I have no problem with Tesla installing more than I pay for and locking it. Sure, it seems weird to not have use of something physically in my car, but if Tesla said, we can lock it and give you the option to upgrade...
  13. Video: 4 Wheel Steering turning radius / handling shown by Cybertruck @ Giga Texas

    Flight of the Valkyrie is good enough for Apocalypse Now and good enough for CT
  14. Powered Frunk In Action! Great shots!!

    More data: lumbar adjust removed from passenger seat, on the 3, I think
  15. Tire life / durability for a Cybertruck?

    Is it possible that CT’s AWD system would be able to accommodate a new tire, so we wouldn’t need to replace all 4 tires when one is damaged? I’ve read about shaving a new tire down to the diameter of the 3 surviving tires, but hope for a technology solution.
  16. Living in a cybertruck

    This is near the top of my wishlist, right alongside climate control selectable in frunk so a styrofoam cooler with ice lasts a long time