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  1. Dids

    Massive oversight: bidirectional home charging V2H

    Additional cost of bi direction charger ~$800 Additional cost of installing it... ? Cost of a generac 7.4 kw generator ~1200 cost to install it probably similar to installing the bi directional charger.... With generator house is powered when you are away with CT. Don't worry mom I will be...
  2. Dids

    Elon Reconfirms Production Cybertruck Will be Around 3% Smaller. Factory Delivery / Pick Up Will Be Available!

    Reading my old posts is like hearing a recording of my voice.... it's weird.
  3. Dids

    Price for CyberTruck ESTIMATE released by Farzad Mesbahi July 3rd, 2023

    It's not about clinging to anything. Things cost a certain amount to produce... there is an amount of steel, an amount of engineering cost, an amount of factory time and space. CT requires less of some things and more of other things. Tesla has predicted the cost and predicted a price. Yes some...
  4. Dids

    Price for CyberTruck ESTIMATE released by Farzad Mesbahi July 3rd, 2023

    It turns out that the wiper will be more expensive than originally thought.
  5. Dids

    Price for CyberTruck ESTIMATE released by Farzad Mesbahi July 3rd, 2023

    I have it from a very good source that CT2 is priced @ 49,999
  6. Dids

    2nd Cybertruck and entire Tesla S3XY Family in New Zealand for winter testing!

    That won't work. My cousin once saw someone from down there and their fingers bent the wrong way.
  7. Dids

    Model Y line to pause in July and workers moved to Cybertruck production line

    Dids explains..... this guy wants to get in his truck and not talk to people while everything stops.
  8. Dids

    Infinite Range with Ecat SKL "Cold Fusion" Cell

    I have this feeling that this is not the problem.
  9. Dids

    🚨 Rivian Adopts Tesla NACS Standard!

    Anyone that says NACS can't do high voltage hasn't read the white paper. It is 1000v @ 1000 amps...
  10. Dids

    Infinite Range with Ecat SKL "Cold Fusion" Cell

    Sure, because gravitational compression radiation collectors are intermittent. But zero point is lightening in a bottle. The battery is existence itself. Why charge a battery if you have a device to tap the energy of the battery of existence? Just build a bigger tap if you require a higher flow.
  11. Dids

    Infinite Range with Ecat SKL "Cold Fusion" Cell

    This is so exciting. why charge a battery? Can the ev just not have a battery?
  12. Dids

    Cybertruck Production Related Positions Double to More Than 77 Openings

    Yes. Ok. I will do that. Do you think they would hire someone with no experience in automotive or manufacturing? I have tons of experience in defense r&d
  13. Dids

    Great view this morning into Cybertruck general assembly line

    If you drive that often enough it becomes on road.
  14. Dids

    Yes 'Exoskeleton'?

    Yes heavy haulers have solid axels. The also have springs and shocks and rear differential. The reason CT could match those heavy haulers with independent suspension is active computer control of that suspension. Active torque control and active individual brake control. These active elements...
  15. Dids

    Yoke vs. steering wheel

    Tesla has just released crash data.... looks like you want to revise tesla crashing comment.
  16. Dids

    Cybertruck Amphibious Technologies Video

    What he said. But with FSD