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  1. EVCanuck

    Is there any hope for the 40k Cybertruck?

    Is there any possibility that we will still have a 40k Cybertruck?
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    Happy Halloween

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    Hey cybertruckers

    Edit: fake source
  4. EVCanuck

    Cybertruck design & engineering complete. First deliveries still this year.

    Cybertruck design is final. Rear underbody to be one piece casting Tesla Cybertruck engineering is done, first deliveries will happen this year, Musk says Tesla plans to deliver the first examples of its Cybertruck by...
  5. EVCanuck

    Cybertruck update date

    While we wait for more news, let's try to guess the date of the Cybertruck update release. Hopefully the "in a month or so" happens soon enough! My guess is January 15.
  6. EVCanuck

    Armor glass sourcing

    I am very enthusiastic about having the armor glass in the CT but one question that bugs me a lot is where the armor glass will be sourced. It's a new product not offered by regular automotive glass manufacturers, so will Tesla manufacture those in-house at Giga Texas (I see on Wikipedia that...
  7. EVCanuck

    What is your make-or-break Cybertruck feature?

    What is one feature that if removed from Cybertruck would make you cancel your order? For me it's the Stainless steel body, here in Canada cars rust from our salty roads and I just want to not care about the paint. I probably would buy even an ICE vehicle if it had a SS body/skin, all other...
  8. EVCanuck

    Cybertruck Roof Dome

    Cybertruck's roof dome will obviously be very voluminous due to CT's form. I believe Elon stated that roof top light will be standard on all variants. Obviously there will be interior dome lights, but I wonder what else will be housed in that dome (any other electronics, WiFi antenna, elements...
  9. EVCanuck

    Are you going to buy the Cyberquad ATV? [Poll]

    Personally not a big fun of ATVs, mostly due to safety concerns. But interested what other people think.
  10. EVCanuck

    Do you hold more than one CT reservation?

    I guess the majority have just one CT reservation, Personally, I hold 5 reservations for a couple of reasons. Are there any other members that hold more than 1 reservation?
  11. EVCanuck

    Cybertruck to use 48V instead of 12V?

    Since CT is such a new platform compared to any other Tesla it would make a lot of sense (economic sense due to the anticipated volumes, engineering due to benefits of the higher voltage) to use the 48V accessories power system instead of the conventional 12V. Do you think Tesla will make this...