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  1. Eye of Elon

    Cybertruck rear ended by Ram truck. Stainless steel TKO 🥊

    At least the tailgate ramp wasn't damaged, the best part is truly no part.
  2. Eye of Elon

    Rust Spots/Corrosion is the Norm

    If the worst case scenario were true, it would be great news for me. A hideous looking truck, with purely cosmetic "damage" would mean cheap used Cybertrucks flooding the market. I have zero concern what it looks like. But it's probably just FUD. :cautious:
  3. Eye of Elon

    Is the Cybertruck a fail ?

    More interesting than, HEY I GOT MY CYBERTRUCK DELIVERED!!! :D
  4. Eye of Elon

    Towing tested with 6,000lb Tesla and trailer load

    We need powered trailers in this new glorious EV age. Unfortunately, I'll probably be dead of old age before that happens. Unless there is some significant price drops in the next 2 years, or FSD becomes a thing, I'll be looking for a small, smoke belching RV.
  5. Eye of Elon

    Why can’t i sit in it!!!!???

    Pretty lame, Tesla should remove the stick from their ass. There's one just down the road in Portland i ain't bothering to look at, even though I have my Founders Edition invite. In fact, Tesla, I'm not buying until I get a test drive. The whole pay2win Founders Edition BS is just as...
  6. Eye of Elon

    4680 cell improvements by 10-20%

    Which allows you to remove even more batteries, to keep the range the same. $$$
  7. Eye of Elon

    Just Tell Me When THIS Option Is Available...

    If that box fits right behind the cab, it looks perfect. I wish the SS surrounding the vault wasn't nerfed.
  8. Eye of Elon

    4680 cell improvements by 10-20%

    Normally I'd expect Tesla to use that energy density increase as an excuse to put less batteries in but the range is so anemic for a truck it seems like they would have to increase range.
  9. Eye of Elon

    Cybertruck price increases

    0% chance the price of the truck goes up. The price will drop once it's not the "new thing". I don't think it's got all that much going for it at the current price point. FSD price will probably never go down.
  10. Eye of Elon

    Cybertruck Highway Range Test (Dual-Motor AWD) -- Run Until Battery Empty (by Out Of Spec)

    I don't think they are going to give it to you. They'll probably sell you one for a little less than the price of a Ford Maverick
  11. Eye of Elon

    First Cybertruck crash accident -- head on collision w/ Toyota Corolla

    If this is true, at least there will be some massive price cuts coming, once the early adopters move on to the next Latest Thing.
  12. Eye of Elon

    First Cybertruck crash accident -- head on collision w/ Toyota Corolla

    This brings up an FSD question. If some knucklehead totals your cybertruck, have you lost your FSD?
  13. Eye of Elon

    Happy Christmas !!!!!!!! 🤙

    Merry Christmas!
  14. Eye of Elon

    WTH is Tesla doing....

    I think you cancel as a protest of this injustice. My opinion has nothing to do with the fact that those numbers are a little ahead of mine. It's about justice.
  15. Eye of Elon

    What will you tow with your Cybertruck?

    I'm towing this, for infinite range!
  16. Eye of Elon

    Leno's Cybertruck Deep Dive Video... Sueded Steering Wheel + Wade Mode Driving in 2.7' Water + Light Bar Prewire

    Jays's take that old folks don't dig the Cybertruck proves he's never spent time on these forums. We're fricken ancient.