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  1. Does the Cybertruck fit in your garage?

    Why are so many people hell bent on having a truck fit in a garage? It is because of this that the truck was down sized to 5 passengers from 6! It should have stayed the same as the original presented in 2019. Now it looks to be more of the size of a Chevy Colorado, Toyota Tacoma but a bit...
  2. Might convert my Dual Motor reservation to RWD. Doing the same?

    Same here. Reservation for DM and SM, both with FSD to lock in the price. What good is a reservation if everything changes? I understand inflation over the last 4 years, but many features changed. As a contractor I was looking for the last vehicle I will ever own. Million mile battery will last...
  3. Elon Musk: "Just drove the production candidate Cybertruck at Tesla Giga Texas!" -- "This Is Our Best Product Ever" 🙌

    Just use a prybar and even it out. What could happen to it, chip paint? NOPE! Cause it to rust? NOPE!
  4. Videos: Cybertruck loaded into trailer at Giga Texas

    Thank you, I am sure Stainless will rinse off quite nicely. Maybe even get some brush rash to show for it, but then again, stainless, maybe not.
  5. Videos: Cybertruck loaded into trailer at Giga Texas

    Great, you have a 3 car garage! LOL. You have room for a full sized truck and keep it clean and out of the elements in your 3 car garage. Chances are if a person only has a single car garage, they need it to store or secure other things. Happy for you man...... glad that they shrunk the truck by...
  6. Videos: Cybertruck loaded into trailer at Giga Texas

    So you have a model Y, easy to move charging to outside. Why do we all need a smaller truck?
  7. Videos: Cybertruck loaded into trailer at Giga Texas

    Why are so many people worried about it fitting into a single car garage? It should be a work truck for the working construction professional. Maybe a mid sized cyber truck like Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger or a smaller truck for the European market for people who have to park when shopping at...
  8. Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T spotted on street (size comparison look)

    Camera angle with one point perspective. Take a ruler and assuming the tires of each vehicle are in line with each other on the pavement, line up the tops of the Rivians tires to see how they translate to the Cyber trucks tires which should be significantly larger..... they seem to be. Is Cyber...
  9. Spy Video of Cybertruck Release Candidate Being Built in GFTX

    Was it worth losing a job? Don't wear personal watch and post it!
  10. New Body-in-White pic shows front wheel well, front quarter window + more

    Closed cell foam with an epoxy protective coating against rock abrasion would not only stop mud and ice from collecting but would also aid in floatation with foam to prevent tipping at all 4 corners of the cyber barge! I mean truck!
  11. Cybertruck specs and pricing announcement when?

    The difference of exoskeleton skin or Exoskeleton will be if the Stainless steel is bolted or welded to the internal structure. If welded the origami skin, triangular will definately be a structural component of the vehicle. Triangle are the strongest shape. The truck will be a truss on wheels!
  12. Cybertruck L2 Charging -> Tesla Gen 4 80amp Wall Connector

    I just updated my homes panel to 200 amps. My 100 amp panel is going into the garage to facilitate the fastest charger I can use for my future truck and car
  13. Rear Wheel Steering in Action by Cybertruck Swerving on Public Roads 🛞

    The ability to have 4 wheel steering and mostlikely electric drive by wire may mean that all four wheels can turn independently. // // \\ \\ // \\ The most amazing potential would be for tank turn if each side of the trucks wheels could turn in opposite directions. Not sure...