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  1. Rivian Trade in?

    Cybertruck parked at garage (shows vault bed lights!)

    Strange that there isn't any Manufacturers name or size on the tires? Who makes them, and why does Tesla not want to reveal it?
  2. Rivian Trade in?

    Cybertruck reverse parks at supercharger; shows size vs. Model X & Model Y

    Yeah it seemed like the rear wheels were also turning but very little, if you look carefully. Thank god it wasn't camouflaged otherwise we wouldn't have been able to see it at all.
  3. Rivian Trade in?

    New wheels / aero wheel covers spotted on Cybertruck -- 7/31/23

    How do you guys know it's a Cyber truck? I only see the wheels, which are ok. The vehicle is camouflaged! I don't see it.:unsure::oops:
  4. Rivian Trade in?

    Closeups!! Dual Motor Cybertruck shows frunk open, alcantara headliner, perforated seats, rectangular steering wheel, VIN # (8/31 pics)

    I am glad to see only two seats in front. I have always said that the three front seats won't work! In a head-on collision, the center guy will have to have the screen surgically removed, or they will have to design it so that an airbag will pop out of the screen!
  5. Rivian Trade in?

    Video: Cybertruck driving in full daylight @ Giga Texas; good acceleration and turning radius (8/16/23)

    I think that truck has been in an accident! See how the paint doesn't match on the doors, the front fender and the entire back of the truck!
  6. Rivian Trade in?

    Unpopular opinion: I don't think your "reservation" spot matters

    Yeah I waited because I had my Rivian reservation, and got in quite late. I believe I'm somewhere around 485,000 or so. That said, I do believe that perhaps as few as 10% will follow through with their orders. That still leaves several hundred thousand ahead of me! :unsure: :oops::cautious:🖕👅
  7. Rivian Trade in?

    Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T spotted on street (size comparison look)

    Why don't I see the Cyber truck? Is it camouflaged?
  8. Rivian Trade in?

    New Video of Cybertruck Winter Testing in New Zealand!

    It baffles me why they put a camouflage wrap on the Cyber Truck? Who doesn't know that it's a Cyber Truck? :unsure::rolleyes::D:LOL::ROFLMAO:
  9. Rivian Trade in?

    Videos: Camo Cybertruck BLASTS BY at speed! All lights on! 🚨 [7/17/23]

    Why bother with the camouflage? Everybody knows it's a Cyber truck! :unsure::rolleyes:🤣😂