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  1. Eye of Elon

    Got an E-mail from Tesla!!!

    My first E-mail from Tesla since my November 2019 order confirmation! Imagine my excitement! :D Then I read this, :rolleyes: Tesla Vehicles Secure Top Four Spots Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y secured the top four spots out of 100 vehicles in the ‘American-Made Index.’ The...
  2. Eye of Elon

    Elon REALLY Loves Stainless Steel

    From a recent interview... I recommend the whole video. It makes me hope the Cybertruck SS is cold worked at cryogenic temperatures.
  3. Eye of Elon

    Do this today, if you think outside mirrors are a drag

    Submit a formal comment to the NHTSA on the use of cameras instead of mirrors. Deadline ends today.
  4. Eye of Elon

    Starlink IPO The only stock i want more than TSLA! :D