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  1. BryanMorera

    Satin White Cybertruck Wrap! With Aftermarket 20" TCT Flow Forged Wheels + Falken Wildpeak AT4/W Tires

    It is beautifull... also, I feel like that would get dirty before leaving the car wash lol
  2. BryanMorera

    WTH is Tesla doing....

    I understand and share your frustration; we've all been waiting a long time. But now, as CT's finally start rolling off the assembly line, is not the time to get exasperated and stalk each and every one of Tesla's deliveries to see if a few reservations with marginally higher numbers than yours...
  3. BryanMorera

    Front camera washer in action 💦 (from exterior and on display screen)

    But is there a washer for the UI control for the camera washer. 🤔
  4. BryanMorera

    Video: Cybertruck tonneau cover opening, bed lighting, and tailgate dropping

    Yep, I've done it. I think its rated to 250 if I remember correctly. But the fact that the CT cover is likely stronger (and thus probably more rigid and prone to make noise) and yet is quieter than mine, tells me the CT cover is using some really good materials in the railings and high quality...
  5. BryanMorera

    Video: Cybertruck tonneau cover opening, bed lighting, and tailgate dropping

    I have one of the "highest-end" aftermarket rolling tonneau covers in the market on my truck. I can tell you that they all make that noise, and that mine is WAYYYY louder than what you heard in the video.
  6. BryanMorera

    Powered Frunk In Action! Great shots!!

    Everybody wondering if the frunk is too small. Meanwhile, I'm here just happy to have a frunk (plus the extra storage under the vault) as I load up the groceries into the backseat of my Dodge Ram 1500 which has no frunk or trunk lol. Side note: Not sure if it's just the angles of the photos...
  7. BryanMorera

    Spotted: CyberTruck U-Turns (and F-150 comparison). Rear wheel steering in action

    I'd had a rolling tonneau cover on my Dodge Ram for years and it gets very similar marks. Your cover will/should be closed 99.9% of the time to either protect cargo or reduce drag. And when you do open it for for oversized cargo, you should close it as soon as you unload the oversized cargo...
  8. BryanMorera

    Is Cybertruck stainless steel body magnetic?

    Appreciate the clarification. Still, there are a lot of practical applications to having a magnetic exterior on a truck like this. Not the least of which would be magnetic cup holders everywhere for tailgates 😂
  9. BryanMorera

    Is Cybertruck stainless steel body magnetic?

    Maybe the science portion of this thread is going over my head. I currently have a Dodge Ram 1500, with a magnetic bumper “sticker” of my favorite football team logo on the tailgate (painted body panel, not chrome bumper). It sticks on just like it would the refrigerator. Are you saying that...
  10. BryanMorera

    New Video of Cybertruck Winter Testing in New Zealand!

    I just want to see one bash through a mound of powdery snow causing it to spray everywhere, lol
  11. BryanMorera

    So the Cybertruck fits in a garage (at under 19ft long)... But was the size reduction worth it for you?

    Do I want to fit it in a garage? No. Do I think its a good thing that they are making an effort to make it fit in a garage? Yes. So long as the bed length is unaffected, it is a net benefit to have the CT fit in a garage as many people will like to have that option. We have to realize that...
  12. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck vault sub-trunk fully opened! + Tonneau cover and tailgate lowering in action!

    That's a lot bigger and deeper than what I was expecting.
  13. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck vault sub-trunk fully opened! + Tonneau cover and tailgate lowering in action!

    Wow I didn't realize that is where the Rivian's spare tire went. That is horribly inconvenient if your bed is carrying a load when you get a flat; I can also see that gigantic trap door disagreeing with alot of aftermarket tonneau covers.... the only thing more inconvenient would be to not have...
  14. BryanMorera

    Spotted Cybertruck NZ Winter Testing! Frunk Open View!

    ME: *gets excited about CT winter testing* ALSO ME: *lives in Miami where it dips under 70° F maybe twice a year and my CT will likely never see snow.* :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  15. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck Production Has Seemingly BEGUN IN TEXAS!!! Photos & Video From Assembly Line

    <iframe src="" width="480" height="270" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>
  16. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck Again Testing on Fremont Track (4.3.23) w/ Suspension Stress Test Footage

    All this focus on the dimensions, I'm just loving that you can see that the cab is near-perfectly still during the suspension tests. Very encouraging to see, especially if these are still early runs and they still have some fine-tuning left to do. As for the video of the u-turn in the rain, we...
  17. BryanMorera

    📸 Cybertruck spotted with windshield wipers, side mirrors, wheel aero covers removed, staggered wheels/tires!

    First off, why is it that every time someone gets a good shot of the CT, it looks like they took it with an early-2000's Nokia?? Secondly, I don't see windshield wipers in any of the photos. Third, it might be the angle of the photos, but to me it looks like the hood or "Frunk" cover is much...
  18. BryanMorera

    Cybertruck Production Delayed to 2022

    I want to see the CT on the road as much as anyone. But, I'll admit that, selfishly, any delay is ultimately beneficial to me. More time to save money for the eventual purchase. Also, I would rather take additional delays, than to accept delivery of a CT with a bunch of software issues or worse...