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  1. Deposit Refund

    Thought I wanted Tri-Motors but with the poor range and high price. NOPE. 2nd days orders. Definitely NOT a road trip vehicle.
  2. Deposit Refund

    Canceled today with no problem, it was on the manage account screen, easy peezy and see ya. Price and range big deal breakers.
  3. Dual Motor reservation holders, still a buyer at $79,900?

    You called it first and you were right. I am outta hear. I will look at other Tesla products.
  4. I was wrong

    I will be canceling my reservations, will let you know how long Tesla takes to refund the $$. When you CX the order they ask a ton of questions and you have to confirm your request repeatedly.
  5. Maintaining Exterior Stainless Finish

    You may be technically correct. Sperm Whales (Physeter catodon) or cachalots are the largest toothed whales with males averaging a length of 62 feet and females just 39 feet. See Moby DICK from Herman Melville's classic novel of the same name. The whale's common name originated during the...
  6. Towing a camp trailer

    It's not like Tesla has to "re-invent" the wheel with these Super Chargers they already have many pull thru SC Stations up and running in European locations, maybe they were directed to do so by local codes I am guessing cause it is not happening fast enough here in the States. It is definitely...
  7. Maintaining Exterior Stainless Finish

    "IF" I feel motivated I use the leaf blower but then that does not happen too often. :LOL:
  8. Maintaining Exterior Stainless Finish

    Having lived on the Gulf Coast all my life my go to remedy is Adolf's Meat Tenderizer, it breaks down the stinging nematocyst (which is a protein compound) and the meat tenderizer breaks it down rather quickly.
  9. Maintaining Exterior Stainless Finish

    Honestly, the best time to wash a vehicle is at night. The metal is cool and less spotting.
  10. Confirmed: 11,000 lbs tow rating / 2,500 lbs payload capacity (official specs)! + Shatter-resistant glass

    Landscaping crew and mostly yard equipment trailers with the occasional rented heavy gear equipment.
  11. Confirmed: 11,000 lbs tow rating / 2,500 lbs payload capacity (official specs)! + Shatter-resistant glass

    So basically another gutless drugstore cowboy truck. My hopes for greatness are fading fast. This may thin the reservation que for people that had intended on using it in an actual work environment.
  12. Kayak rack for Cybertruck?

    Years ago when I first got the boat I carried it on top of a Honda Civic Si, looked like an aircraft carrier balanced on top of a skateboard with overhang on both ends. Had orange flags on both ends especially for parking lot safety for pedestrians. Where I lived at the time I would just...
  13. 10 Cybertrucks will be delivered at the Delivery Event on Nov 30, says Tesla product design director, Javier Verdura

    Exactly why I waited a few days before putting in my reservation. Did not want to be the Lab Rat.
  14. Cybertruck sighting with tonneau closed and bed lights on - 11/11/23 (@ Santa Cruz, CA)

    Looks like it is still there but blinded out by the light bar.
  15. Kayak rack for Cybertruck?

    From a former member of the "Roof Rack Yacht Club" I now use a kayak trailer. Easier on the shoulders and no salt water dripping on the vehicle. I paddle a 19' Wilderness Systems and load up and go time is much quicker now.
  16. Benefits? of black

    I keep the bottoms of my camping pots black, they really bring water to boil quicker and use less fuel needed for cooking.
  17. ⛔️ NO RESALE language REMOVED for Cybertruck sales agreement! ✏️ 📄

    It all boils down to freedom. I am sick of the "nanny state karens" that want to stick their nose into other peoples business. Like the kids in pre-school that had melt downs when the other kid got a bigger scoop of mashed potatoes at lunch which they really did not like but were just...
  18. This is how your Cybertruck will look dropping kids off at school 🛸 🏫

    Use FSD and stay home and work on that 2nd cup of coffee.