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  1. CT range be better than F150 Lightning owners' reports

    F150 Lightning forum on owners' experience are saying drop by 60% on chilly weather. And 1/3 real range when towing. Some said they are selling their unit pronto. Just came from my Ford dealer yesterday, the Lariat trim is priced at $111,544. From $69,000 when I signed up. Definitely a deal...
  2. This will go with my Cybertruck!

    Flying Bike ...when price drops to more reasonable $7,700.
  3. SpaceX employees denounce CEO Musk as 'distraction': letter [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    As Tesla stockholder now swimming in red ink and future owner of Cybertruck, I tend to agree. In fact I am one of those stockholders who voted to strengthen Tesla's corporate governance. SpaceX
  4. Ford Lightning Giving Out Production Dates

    Ford is already giving out production dates for those who reserved Lightning pick up. Feb 2021 reservations are promised August production. I am dying here of envy!:cry:
  5. Thank you Elon. Starlink Terminals Arrive in Ukraine

    Starlink Terminals Arrive in Ukraine Now if you can just make it jamming and cyber hack proof from the Russian criminals.
  6. It just keeps on coming... discrimination lawsuit

    Tesla braces for a possible race discrimination lawsuit This is why activist stockholders in Tesla proposed and won the vote for diversity and inclusion compliance and reporting. But Musk is dragging his feet on the implementation and stockholders in frustration called him #ApartheidElon...
  7. Highway Charging While Driving

    This I like. Glad I also reserved F150. Next, contact-less curb charging (heard this before being built in Canada but there appears that there's no new development). Highway Charging A 1-mile stretch of road is being built in Detroit that can charge electric cars as they drive — if owners...
  8. US Cybertruck with FSD in Europe

    Read somewhere this question in RV forum on someone who is planning in 'caravaning" in Europe with his Cybertruck with FSD. The question, I guess, is whether the US-made Cybertruck's FSD will be able to navigate some of the European roads with different traffic protocols, right-sided steering...
  9. Who's betting we'll see Cybertruck going out of Fremont this October?

    Who is betting that we will be seeing Cybertruck going out of Fremont this October (usually being driven and tested by employees who are allowed to take it home)? I would have bet all the investments, my house and my wife's jewelries ;) but I don't have inside info now that my son left Tesla.