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  1. CyberTruck delivery date issue

    look at it this way, what could go wrong with your S that would cost as much as two years of payments for a new Y.
  2. FSD will get $2k price increase 10/29

    thanks for the help
  3. FSD will get $2k price increase 10/29

    how do I do that? can someone please tell me.
  4. First Cybertruck Deliveries by End of 2021 - Says Musk on Q3 Earnings Call

    save up for the truck!! ? with the price of the self driving constantly going up I'll need more time to save up just for that.
  5. FSD will get $2k price increase 10/29

    is this something we can add now, or do we have to wait until we can order our options for the CT. If we have to wait the price will more then likely go up again.
  6. Cybertruck wishlist - options or ideas you'd like to see available?

    how about a brush guard for the front with a winch.
  7. Transformer CyberTruck

    too cool !!
  8. What if your place in line cost $1000.00?

    so are they planing to raise the pre- order price? if so will they contact us? I still wan't my CT
  9. Cybertruck too big?

    I was wondering, won't the CT be able to park it's self?
  10. Should Tesla setup a Blank-Check Co. (SPAC) or separate IPO for Cybertrck so that buyers can qualify for a $7500 rebate?

    It's great that you can afford the cyber truck at that price but some of us could use whatever brakes are available.