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  1. cybrtrk_maybe

    What is your make-or-break Cybertruck feature?

    I've mentioned this in a previous post. If it has the same or better specifications and at the same or lower price, then I'm in.
  2. cybrtrk_maybe

    Doug DeMuro is Wrong about the Hummer EV and the Cybertruck (Video)

    If anyone has seen the play "Avenue Q", then you know the only thing the internet is for is porn.
  3. cybrtrk_maybe

    Justify the cost to own

    A comparable 3/4 ton diesel from any of the current large auto manufacturers, with similar characteristics will cost between $65k - 90k; Give or take, the price is about the same. In my mind, it comes down to the cost to keep it running; Which others have shown will be considerably less than...
  4. cybrtrk_maybe

    Are you getting comprehensive insurance coverage on your Cybertruck?

    I learned my lesson when I took comprehensive coverage off one of my vehicles and left it with liability only; After a multi-car accident where I was stopped, but got pushed into the car in front of me the insurance company of the car that rear ended me said they are only paying for the rear of...
  5. cybrtrk_maybe

    New Members Welcome Area!

    Welcome Tommyirish, You should have received an email from Tesla. Log into your Tesla account and change it there.
  6. cybrtrk_maybe

    If a full size AND mid size Cybertruck were available, what size would you order?

    One addition... full size because there are so many idiot drivers out there that: 1. don't know the rules of the road (i.e. pass on double yellow lines) 2. don't pay attention (i.e. cross over the line and back; Weaving) 3. don't care, or have a death wish (i.e. going 100 MPH and constantly...
  7. cybrtrk_maybe

    EV haters in EV threads are now called "ICE Trolls"

    I believe that #2 is where "brand loyalty" comes in.
  8. cybrtrk_maybe

    Who else is excited about Honda’s upcoming BIGGER FRONT GRILL? 🤣

    I think they might have a grill that can be attached to the rear hitch receiver that can cook steaks.
  9. cybrtrk_maybe

    Polaris partners with Zero

    Maybe this isn't the right place for this, but since you're all talking about UTVs. I have a skid steer, but I also have an area of my property that can get soggy when wet and I've gotten it stuck. I was thinking of getting a UTV that I can use for mowing, snow removal (blower not blade), and...
  10. cybrtrk_maybe

    S3XY vs 3, X, S and Y

    That makes me think of something... I suffer from CDO... That's OCD but with the letters in the right order.
  11. cybrtrk_maybe

    Tesla repair experience from current owners

    I agree, make it available in Colorado Springs. :)
  12. cybrtrk_maybe

    Cybertruck: The Most Bang for Your Buck Among Current and Upcoming EVs

    Reminds me of an airplane without wings. This looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  13. cybrtrk_maybe

    How long will it take before used preowned Cybertrucks are available to buy?

    If this is all it's cracked up to be, then I plan on having it ... till death do us part; Don't tell my wife I said that. :cool:
  14. cybrtrk_maybe

    Ground-Breaking Method To Make Graphene From Garbage Is Modern-Day Alchemy

    This sounds like an incredible breakthrough. Literally turning trash into treasure.
  15. cybrtrk_maybe

    What would blow your mind?

    I've read a lot of great things about the CT, but to "blow my mind" I think it would need to be double the range for half the price. It would take a while to sink in.
  16. cybrtrk_maybe

    Musk: "several hundred thousand" orders received for the Cybertruck

    I like it because it's big. I live in a rural area, and at least once a day, someone crosses over the solid yellow stripes in the middle of the road. If someone wants to play chicken, then I want to be on the surviving end of it. PUT YOUR DAMN PHONES DOWN!!!