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  1. bymw

    "Ticket Avoidance Mode" hinted at by Tesla

    I found this so hilarious!!
  2. bymw

    Forgot if I chose FSD at the time of pre-order

    Ok i found the thread that talks about the increased FSD price, sigh ...
  3. bymw

    Forgot if I chose FSD at the time of pre-order

    yeah. I did not know it'd tell. And after I made the change, they sent me a confirmation with the FSD option next to the model I ordered.
  4. bymw

    Forgot if I chose FSD at the time of pre-order

    Thank you for the info! I'll give it a shot. I edited my order and added FSD for 10K -- I could have saved 3K had I added that when I ordered it back in Jun ;) Well I'll just work harder to save enough for it lol Again appreciate Crissa's tip!!
  5. bymw

    Forgot if I chose FSD at the time of pre-order

    Then is there a way to tell if I had or not? I looked back at my order documents and it did not say. I wish I had as I still believe that the price for FSD would be locked at whatever stated then, I remember it was $7k, if chosen. So if unfortunately I did not choose the option, I am afraid I'll...
  6. bymw

    Little known about the trailer, anyone got something to share?

    I saw only handful YT posts some still pictures of cybertruck pulling a trailer. Is the design, or production planning, being carried out somewhere/somehow, or it was just some nice looking-forward-to? Would love it if anyone can share some links/info in this regard.
  7. bymw

    What is your biggest Cybertruck question you'd like answered by Tesla before committing to purchase?

    camper option is a must for me, pullout stove/burner is a plus
  8. bymw

    Can I sell a pre order reservation?

    me too -- but would Tesla warrant that? or any legal issues? i went back and read the terms and did not see it mentioned anything like that ...
  9. bymw

    How to get out of the cybertruck after "it floats a while"?

    Now that the glass is un-breakable. A panic button like a fighter jet pilot? I'll take that :)
  10. bymw

    Can I sell a pre order reservation?

    So when did you order anyway? I see you joined about a month ago. I made my order just a week ago. entered my order number into a spreadsheet and told possibly be 22 month after delivery starts -- that'd mean sometime in 2023:cry:
  11. bymw

    Cybertruck will make public debut at Petersen Auto Museum in LA beginning From June 20-27!

    I wanted to know how the dash board looks like - did not quite like the original design.