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  1. CyberTruck Naming

    From Greek mythology Astrape Bronte Zeus From Blade Runner BladeRunner Spinner Deckard Syd From wife Tonka Sprocket(Fraggle Rock) From SpaceX Falcon Starship Surprised no one has brought up a Blade Runner themed name. Not a Star Wars type blockbuster but the CT as about as close to those...
  2. Cybertruck reliability concerns?

    I view my purchase of a CT as the last pickup I'll probably ever buy. Little issues like panel gaps are not a big issue to me and some of the smaller nitpick items I may be able to fix my self. But my location in NW North Dakota has given me pause about buying a Tesla. The nearest service...
  3. Is the additional range from the single motor to the dual worth $10k?

    AWD is a necessity for me and the lack of charging options in my area make a dual motor the minimum option for me. And I CAN'T wait to get my CT. Waiting another year seems unbearable on top of the year and a half(at least)wait for a dual motor.
  4. Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so says Musk!

    I'm amazed at some of the thoughts people have of the new design that will be coming out. Elon has been sparse with any details. He did put out the smaller size with a lower centerline and window sill. The size change was walked back later but nothing mentioned about the lower centerline and...
  5. First Cybertruck specific supercharger spots have been approved

    I'm curious about them possibly installing the capacity to have these SC stations be ready for upgrading to a V4 SC. Being retired, I mostly am not bothered by the thought of waiting 10-20 minutes to charge up. But faster charging is a good thing for quicker EV adaption and my occasional...
  6. Windows, Mirrors and Wipers.

    I would hope that by the time the Cybertruck is released that it will not have the side mirrors and will go with the small inside displays by the door pillar. Quite surprised to see no one has mentioned the Tesla wiper patent application they filed last year. This is what I hope they use on the...
  7. Top 15 Cybertruck Features/Accessories Power Ranking (Video)

    Ford E-150 Generator. NOT!!!! There is really nothing on your list I'd care for. Now a pair of swivel captain's chairs for the front seat especially when they release FSD would be #1 on my list. Maybe a HUD since I'm not a big fan of only having screen off to the side.
  8. Are you going to buy the Cyberquad ATV? [Poll]

    I'm also more looking for a UTV. Would probably spend my money on an electric Polaris Ranger.
  9. Cybertruck spotted in Fremont plant

    Or maybe they were using it to move parts or deliver treats to the workers. I found it interesting that the tonneau cover was pulled back and the box was open. If they are just parking it in the factory for battery day, why have the cover pulled back?
  10. Driving the Cybertruck

    I too try not to use my brakes very much but live in a pretty rural place where there isn't too much traffic. Was over 110,000 miles on my Ram 1500 before it was time for new pads. And yes you can do without using the brakes on a Tesla. When I test drove a MX, one of the first items they...
  11. Laser tattooing / etching for Cybertruck

    But the main places you would probably do the etching on would be the doors and frunk lid, maybe tailgate. Easily replaced years after CT has been in production. I could see that being option from the factory. Once the large police depts and large fleet operators put in big orders, that would...
  12. Update: Cybertruck Will Keep Concept's Size, But Separate Smaller Cybertruck Likely!

    I'm happy that they are keeping the original size and have no issue with getting mine in the garage as I easily fit my Ram 1500. But living in a northern clime, it is important to me getting the truck in a heated garage so I can see where that may be very important for some people. I've ordered...