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  1. Tesla’s subtle Supercharger ‘V4’ hints are pointing at the Cybertruck’s 350 kW charge rate

    could ports to charge on either or both sides of the CT allow use of two less power charging handles at the same time speed charging and keep input ports cooler?
  2. Can't Afford NOT to buy a Cyber Truck!

    They will always find a way to get our money ~ Gas tax ,property tax, sales, income etc. nothing new here! (sadly)
  3. Can't Afford NOT to buy a Cyber Truck!

    Don't tell the TAX MAN!
  4. Supercharger station cord length needs to be longer for Cybertruck

    I would rather back into my drive! I like to pull out when ready to leave, since I am thinking what I need to do and often not paying as much attention when leaving!