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  1. Rumor: There will be no single motor Cybertruck! RWD model will be dual motor.

    Thank you for that.....hope its true but why?
  2. Where do You find your order number for the Truck?

    Cannot find my order e mail confirmation from purchase on desktop computer not phone.
  3. Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    Can you look up your number? where and how?
  4. Cybertruck Production Dates Changed. Tri-Motor Coming One Year Earlier!

    If you ordered the single what will it do now to change to double and how do you do that does it put you in the back?
  5. Broken window

    I just saw below....42,000 people are tweeting about this. You are correct. This hit every news media in the World. Pub Stunt for sure. It was heartbreaking to me to see it but placed order anyway, as I don't expect to drive through hostile crowds. If you think of all the Car unveilings by...
  6. Post your Cybertruck preorder reservation number!

    I ordered the minimal package we live on an Island and will be mosty utility. How do I know they got the order ? Where are they posted? Put it on credit card.
  7. Broken window

    The reason the glass broke is probably due to the stress factors of the demo glass all pressed evenly and even tightened each time the ball was dropped. On the actual window there was no where for the stress to dissipate. No big deal except for the embarrassment for the man. After all he had...
  8. Cybertruck reveal viewing party and reactions!

  9. Purchase notification

    Where do you sign up to get notified when and where to send your cash