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  1. What percentage of pre-orders will actually buy?

    If the released version is a degrade compared to the prototype then, including yours truly, 60+% will leave!
  2. Cybertruck production gets closer as Gigafactory Texas shifts to 24/7 construction

    Me too, I do not mind being around 470,000th. Hopefully by my time the serious bugs/issues will be resolved and I wont have to be "booking appt's" forever and a day!
  3. Is the additional range from the single motor to the dual worth $10k?

    Dual motor gives me AWD, something I like and need in my 4 Season weather.
  4. Solar Carport for Cybertruck

    Absolutely, very workable!
  5. Cybertruck Rally

    Anyone have any ideas on starting up a "Cybertruck Rally" similar to the "Sturgis Bike Rally"? I would love to see some really "tricked out" Cybertrucks. "CYBER USA" could be a name? Any suggestions on names, dates, where...? This is dependent on whether we have ANY freedoms left in the...
  6. 5G capability?

    Reuseable to. hehehehe
  7. 5G capability?

    I ALREADY have one! Its double sided, jewel encrusted, gold-gilded and shaped like a pirates JEALOUS or too LAZY to make one? hehehe C'mon MAN!
  8. 5G capability?

    Some new vehicles will be getting 5G capability. If the Cybertruck is one, hopefully one can opt out of this as I do not need my last couple brain cells FRIED, I already did a great job reducing mine, i DO NOT want help now!
  9. Tailgate.

    I have seen similar pictures. It should stay at 90, as I sit and sometimes fish from the back, heck with this vehicle and a winch I would chance getting much, much closer to a fishing spot than I would normally.
  10. Justify the cost to own

    I see, we currently use about 14kw per day (according to our bills and our house is about 1900 square feet) now we do not live high on the hog or miserly with regards to energy consumption, so this would still benefit us after all is said and done...I think. But mcgyvering this and tweeking...
  11. Justify the cost to own

    I am also looking at it in terms of "off grid application" . For me to buy a 120 and 240v capable inverter would be around 2,000 then if I add ( this is what I got from other sites about the 4680 batteries) 140kw of storage then my costs would add anywhere from 30-40,000, and depending on...
  12. Tailgate.

    Hopefully the tailgate wont be slippery.
  13. How many are getting the solar option

    Ok, so is it workable to place magnets as stated above and all the while the wheel is spinning (vehicle moving) it generates electrical charge to either 1) aid in powering the vehicles needs 2) recharge the battery?
  14. How many are getting the solar option

    So regenerative braking produces 385v+, each and every time? Because this "charge" goes into the MAIN battery bank not the "12v" starter battery. Am I missing something? P.s. Couldn't one take the most powerful magnets/make a 3/6/8" disk magnet (as they are VERY VERY light [neodymium] for...
  15. Updated CyberTruck to be shown in a month or so says Musk!

    Pass thru with environmental controls ✔ A floating/manual emergency/parking brake completely independent of ALL computer controls (those pesky "Russian hackers") ✔ Keep it the same size ✔ Airless tires ✔ The ability to do a "tank turn" ✔ Keep it stainless steel (the prototype), UNLESS the...
  16. How many are getting the solar option

    Even having an MC4 port connection wherein one can directly plug their solar panel (s) into and this port can then "step up or step down" (stabilize) the voltage to charge the battery.
  17. 4680

    The new 4680 batteries, will they still be 3.2v or 3.7v with 2.2ish amps? I know Elon said 6x the power but he did not say 6x the STORAGE capacity (i.e 100 amps does not become 600 amps). Any info or insight?
  18. Gadgets

    Then I guess Elon speaking about having the "tonneau cover" a solar panel was just useless hot air? Well, alright.