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  1. Ford Hybrid F150 used as a generator

    The problem with getting over the hump of what amounts to our ICE lifestyles is that we're accustomed to it and too distracted to care. And, teaching an old dog new tricks... you get the point. So, coming will be TFerL (The Faster Lane) showing a Tesla CT power 16 trailers, while the driver...
  2. Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    That's cool, Jason. I actually have 35s on my Silverado Crew, and it's the HD Vortec Max. And, those tires are awesome on that truck. I just find the CyberTruck looking much bigger. I'll have to see it in person, and see how it flows. There's just so much I can do with pics and promises...
  3. Cyber Camper concept for Cybertruck

    I like this as much as anything I've seen. What is sad, is people are just making things that are angular, and not giving thought to the coefficient of drag, or style behind the CyberTruck. For a cap to be great, it should follow the lines of the CyberTruck and be roomy enough for whatever...
  4. Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    The more I think of this large, heavy CyberTruck... I know mine will wear 40s. Truly, you shouldn't put anything less - but please, do as you wish, as will I. Think about it, in the craziest off road competitions, in just about everything off-road, and even much of the overlanding community...
  5. Anyone polishing their Stainless Steel Cybertruck to a mirror like finish?

    No thanks. I'm more subdued. I might grab some mud though, and spread it all over the stainless. I mean, it'll wash right off. But, it just might look awesome for a while. peace
  6. Cybertruck aftermarket bumpers

    If Telsa won't give us a hardcore front bumper with mounting positions for a winch, snowplow, bush bars, etc, as an option in the purchasing process, then... One of the first mods to my tri-motor will be a high quality custom bumper, that my Warn winch will bolt to. This bumper will be strong...
  7. Cyberquad poses with Cybertruck

    I agree a point. Quoting Elon on about any day, "Anything is possible". 10% is even generous, though an attempt at reality. It's Tesla, and it may depend on the price/value. However, it's Tesla, and Tesla doesn't operate or exist by conventional rules. The other thing I consider, Elon...
  8. Cyberquad poses with Cybertruck

    The CyberQuad is going to be a thorn for Elon, when he's trying to produce 200k trucks a year, and that translates into 20k CyberQuads. I hope for the best. peace
  9. Please make this a feature..... automatic vault opening on approach

    I'm pretty sure I heard that as your phone comes close, the doors will unlock... so, it would follow that the same could be programmed for the vault. Bummer is, you don't just want the vault opening when you don't need it either. So, some action might be best established. peace
  10. climate controlled bed?

    Elon said yes. We will have to see though. Thought has to meet engineering. This is where things can go awry. I too want this, as do many. peace
  11. We need pop top vendors

    The only problem is the angle of the vault, is the angle of your bed. For this reason, I prefer a rack above the vault that provides stability and a horizontal sleeping surface. Then, your clamshell design tent works well. I love how quick this type tent can be both deployed and packed back...
  12. Full Length Roof-Bed Cargo Rack Concept

    I really like the concept, but with a few caveats. I think the fog lights need to go, as they are redundant in a less capable way than Tesla's lightbar right there. Also, I would like to see the drag coefficient respected at least somewhat, in any design. I would like to see a front bumper...
  13. Cybertruck Tires

    And people say experience is worthless. Agreed. peace
  14. Cybertruck ready for serious off-roading!

    Yeah, I haven't been looking for people pulled over for having them, nor checking all insurance claims. I tend to do other things for fun. peace
  15. Tesla Semi to Custom Built Adventure Truck

    These are Expeditionary Vehicles. This is certainly something I would enjoy with every cell of my being. peace
  16. CT Fenders and Side Cameras

    With the CT being what it is, I wouldn't figure any part of it will be flimsy or plastic. I don't need everything to be 30x SS, but maybe a lesser SS, that still won't just bend. Jeep lovers upgrade to get fender flares that they can stand on. Heavy duty is good. Not break or break-away, or...
  17. Tools for Off-Roading

    We will see. People love to show off their gear. haha
  18. Cybertruck RTI (Ramp Travel Index) specs

    I wonder. Electronic suspension can be optimized for off-road, great at speed (Baha), and great at crawling (The Hammers). My hope is this is how it's optimized. Not to suffer in any terrain, but be stellar regardless where. peace
  19. Tools for Off-Roading

    Yes, a high-lift jack is an off-road staple. Don't be shocked if you see someone having one mounted to their hood. Just sayin. peace
  20. Off-roading stats (approach angle, departure angle, and break over) will be based on default height?

    Hopefully, we will get final numbers soon. Hopefully we will be pleased. peace