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  1. Sirfun

    Top CYBRTRK model battery lifetime range speculation

    I know of one grandkid driving his grandad's 65 Mustang. Stranger things have happened.
  2. Sirfun

    Musk on Cybertruck: It's better than people realize... they don’t have enough information to realize its awesomeness

    It kind of reminds me of the current political climate. I think there will be polarization, Where there are huge numbers of fans & haters. And they'll be polar opposites, even more than after the reveal.
  3. Sirfun

    Parking space neurosis

    This is our current Beast. Which will be replaced by the CT (beast ll). I always find a way to park the Beast. (It does help that my daughter is in a wheelchair and we have a handicap placard).
  4. Sirfun

    Does the back window open?

    True, I had to make a few protective screens for our work trucks back in my working life. Loading things and hitting the brakes while driving have been known to break a few back windows of trucks.
  5. Sirfun

    Does anyone know the life expectancy of the Tesla Model S and the Cybertruck?

    Ha, that was one of my wife's favorite things about the CT. She can quit having to tell me to turn off the turn signal. I just wonder how the AP will handle her back seat driving directions. Probably ignore her like I do.;):p
  6. Sirfun

    Does the back window open?

    I think having a way to get the back window out of the way for access between the cab & bed of the truck is HUGE. How about if you can't roll down the back window, put it on hinges so you could flip it up and secure it inside the roof of the cab. Here's a photo my son took yesterday showing why...
  7. Sirfun

    Is there value in your early reservation

    Oh dang, That means you Yahoo's with several reservations are speculators and anybody with multiple reservations is still going to get the trucks and resell them. Darn I was hoping for cancellations in front of me.
  8. Sirfun

    Check out Elon's Cybershoes and Cyberjacket!

    I'm Elon MF Musk, how you like them apples!
  9. Sirfun

    Closer look at Rivian’s electric delivery van for Amazon

    Lots of possibilities. Hmmm for that matter what about the used vans?
  10. Sirfun

    Look how good Cybertruck looks with blacked-out bed top

    quick cut and paste, lighting isn't right though.
  11. Sirfun

    Cybertruck easter egg in Tesla simulator image

    Yeah, like face recognition. You'd think Tesla's should be able to recognize other Tesla's. :LOL::unsure::cool:
  12. Sirfun

    Rumor: There will be no single motor Cybertruck! RWD model will be dual motor.

    I reserved single motor. Basically it's semantics whether there's one motor or two as long as it's rearwheel drive only at $39,900 or there abouts. Actually a motor driving each rear wheel would be way better.
  13. Sirfun

    Amazing Back to the Future Remake Featuring Tesla Cybertruck is a Must See!!

    Hmmm I'm looking at those truck times thinking something fishy. My father-n-law's Hummer H2 was slow. Then after looking at 0-60 times I found Car and Driver had tested a Lingerfeld rebuild to 500 hp. Then I looked up the 2005 Dodge Ram, it's a Hennesy SRT 10 800HP Beast. Afterwards I...
  14. Sirfun

    Musk teases Giga Texas factory - for Cybertruck production?

    Texas makes a lot of sense. I think there are a lot of people in the U.S. that don't like California and having Trucks built in the south would give some of those people a better feeling about Tesla. Also It would be easier and cost effective to ship over seas.
  15. Sirfun

    Cybertruck easter egg in Tesla simulator image

    Something caught my eye. 2 left turn green lights. Don't understand how that signal works. 2nd one from left is green arrow, and far left is green. I guess the arrow can go red, but if the far left light stays green, you have to yield to on coming cars? BTW the landscape looks like behind Palo...
  16. Sirfun

    What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    I have seen where there is rumors of heat and air, but I have yet to see a photo of the truckbed with any kind of air grille or vent. Also I wouldn't think that would be a good idea, because of dirt and moisture in the back of the truck. Toyota Tundra has the back window that lowers, and most...
  17. Sirfun

    What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    I truthfully would like to see the back window be able to go down for several reasons. One is for large things to be able to place inside the Vault and lock it. My 8 ft. surfboard for one. Also in camp mode you would have access to heat or AC. Plus I could leave my wet sandy dog in the back and...