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  1. Saskateam

    This forum in the news

    It is about time however we will get a lot more members which means a lot more emails.
  2. Saskateam

    Tesla FSD and Electronics Are 6 Years Ahead of Competitors Says Model 3 Teardown Report

    I think you are right. Some of the automakers will not survive past the ICE age.
  3. Saskateam

    Cybertruck vs Rivian R1T - Specs and Visual Comparison

    I am with you on not having things on the dash. If the CT does not have much storage the aftermarket will fix that. Look at all the storage solutions for the Jeep market.
  4. Saskateam

    Long equipment and material hauling

    I don’t really want to tow a trailer with a canoe on it everywhere the CT can go. With 16” of ground clearance I will have a hard time finding a trailer to match. If I do find a trailer if does not mean I will have room to turn around with a trailer at my destination. The third thing requires...
  5. Saskateam

    Rumor: There will be no single motor Cybertruck! RWD model will be dual motor.

    I do see how Tesla may put 2 motors in the back. If the tri motor is 2 motors back and 1 motor front, then you eliminate the difference in build complexity for the rear wheel only. However then it is hard to see how a dual and tri motor differ.
  6. Saskateam

    Roof rack mounting points

    I want to be able to put my canoe on the CT to take out.
  7. Saskateam

    Problem Solved. Charging with a Trailer!

    The CT can also tow any offending vehicle out of the way when the supercharger is iced.
  8. Saskateam

    Using a Supercharger while towing a trailer

    Will not have to worry about being iced at a super charger with the CT. Either drive around or tow the offending vehicle out of the way.
  9. Saskateam

    Check out Elon's Cybershoes and Cyberjacket!

    Instead of a Tesla hat they could give us a pair of these shoes. (I know they don’t throw in any swag when you buy from them)
  10. Saskateam

    Cybertruck renderings and creations

    I really think Tesla will build a cybercar or cybervan but only as a robotaxi. I think the CT is to break into a new market and normalize the style and then put out more of a utilitarian people hauler for their taxi fleet.
  11. Saskateam

    Autoline: Has Cybertruck Changed Pickup Design?

    There are a lot of people who buy trucks as a people hauler and also as a status symbol. However there are also a lot of people that need a truck 1-2 days a month and it makes sense to have only 1 vehicle. Then there are people who need a truck, use a truck, and cannot make a living without a...
  12. Saskateam

    At what point does FSD start assisting?

    I hope infrared is also included in the AI information available. Bring in a HUD on the windshield that would make the heat visible would help the driver to act on situations that are on the fringes of what AI can currently handle and our reactions would help ML to improve.
  13. Saskateam

    New feature ideas

    I know some Americans who come goose hunting every year and they bring a full size freezer in the back of there truck. They plug it in at every stop and overnight they can when going home. The CT would be nice to keep it frozen the whole drive.
  14. Saskateam

    At what point does FSD start assisting?

    I am ok with FSD. I am far more likely to kill myself driving then a computer and I am a good driver (said like all humans who make mistakes while driving). I have some of the features in my current vehicle like adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist. I use it all the time and driving is...
  15. Saskateam

    Tesla ... great company , wrong name!!

    Tesla cannot change its name now that they are getting real momentum in their stock and product. Yes the new motor is different however the original motor is why the company was named Tesla.
  16. Saskateam

    Tesla ... great company , wrong name!!

    The name Tesla was chosen because Tesla invented the Alternating Current electric motor which made the cars Tesla produce possible. It is also a representation of the struggle Tesla Automotive would have to go through to prove themselves. They are the underdog just like Tesla was.
  17. Saskateam

    Vinyl wrap the tonneau cover

    I have to agree with your logic there. The individual slats should not touch.
  18. Saskateam

    New feature ideas

    Some songs you can’t help but sing. However you don’t need karaoke to sing them, you already know all the words.
  19. Saskateam

    Check out the CyberRod

    This is a hot rod styled after the CT. I think it looks great. I have seen aluminum bodied hot rods but this beats them.