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  1. Mini2nut

    Elon: Cybertruck's air suspension will be linked to FSD and respond automatically

    I think the air suspension will be one of the CT’s greatest features. For example, it could automatically drop to its lowest suspension setting when getting in or out of the vehicle.
  2. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck in parking spots - A measured example

    The truck is considerably larger than a Model S sedan.
  3. Mini2nut

    Is the folded exoskeleton actually easy to manufacture

    Tesla Motors is an engineering based company and they have experience working with SS through Space X. I am confident they have the production methods figured out and the specialized machinery being built as we speak. It wont be long before the assembly buildings will be “dried in“ and the...
  4. Mini2nut

    I want to sell my CYBRTRK

    “I signed up and put up my $100 on Day 2, so I guess I'll get my CT in late summer or fall of 2021” I think your looking at sometime in 2022 for delivery.
  5. Mini2nut

    CT vulnerabilities to persistent climate extremes

    It would be nice if Tesla offered the option of Armor Glass or a steel roof. I doubt if it will happen for production reasons but I think Elon will insist on making the Cybertruck float like a boat for some period of time per his apocalypse ready mantra. “Yes. It will even float for a while,"...
  6. Mini2nut

    CT vulnerabilities to persistent climate extremes

    Let’s see. The stainless steel exterior is going to get HOT to the touch in the sun but no worries about paint degradation since it has no exterior paint. This is one of my favorite features of the Cybertruck. No waxing, polishing, etc. I think the only sections on the exterior that may need...
  7. Mini2nut

    Corrosion resistance in Cybertruck may not be perfect

    The 3mm thick SS exoskeleton is one of the main features that sold me. This all electric pickup is going to be a street legal tank that civilians can order online. The exciting part is that it's less than a year away from production!
  8. Mini2nut

    Advance release C2 Cybertruck: Due to the obvious popularity of the dual motor edition, should Tesla early release ten per month?

    It will be Tesla's first pickup truck, a new exoskeleton design, new 3mm thick stainless steel, new assembly plant, new production machinery, newbie factory workers, pilot production, etc. I predict Tesla will manufacture well under 10k CT's in 2021. I feel production won't ramp up until Q2 of...
  9. Mini2nut

    Advance release C2 Cybertruck: Due to the obvious popularity of the dual motor edition, should Tesla early release ten per month?

    You can longer order the $35k Model 3. It's been pulled according to an Electrek article.
  10. Mini2nut

    Cybertruck production gets closer as Gigafactory Texas shifts to 24/7 construction

    This is great news for all Cybertruck reservation holders. I can’t wait for Elon to show off the production version (December)? It’s getting exciting! Tesla Cybertruck production edges closer as Giga Texas reportedly shifts to 24/7 construction [Video]...
  11. Mini2nut

    What percentage of pre-orders will actually buy?

    60% will follow through with purchasing. Tesla will have nothing to be concerned about. I believe the majority of sales will take place after CT’s are seen roaming the streets in 2022 and the polarizing styling grows on people.
  12. Mini2nut


    I can see Tesla manufacturing a quad motor design in the future and offering a $100k Cybertruck with all of the bells and whistles. GMC has recently shown that a markets exists for a premium priced pickup truck with their $113k BEV Hummer. The CT has love it or hate it styling that many find...
  13. Mini2nut

    Is the additional range from the single motor to the dual worth $10k?

    I initially place my deposit for a Single Motor but later changed it to a Dual Motor. I don’t think the $40k Single Motor RWD model will appeal to most CT shoppers because it will be most likely be a “no frills“ base model with limited options to choose from. I predict the base model will be...
  14. Mini2nut

    Doug DeMuro is Wrong about the Hummer EV and the Cybertruck (Video)

    They both have the gift of gab. There are people who just love to talk all day and these two individuals fall into that category. I simply don’t have the patience to watch either of them. But they are no different than the majority of You Tube videos. They can summarize what they have to say in...
  15. Mini2nut

    Doug DeMuro is Wrong about the Hummer EV and the Cybertruck (Video)

    Clicks = $$$$. I will make an exception to watch Doug’s Cybertruck review in about a year simply out of curiosity.
  16. Mini2nut

    Doug DeMuro is Wrong about the Hummer EV and the Cybertruck (Video)

    I’m in agreement with DeMuro videos. I refuse to watch his videos anymore since I don’t believe he can offer a truly unbiased car review anymore. It’s pretty obvious who is buttering his bread nowadays.
  17. Mini2nut

    So I just got a call from Tesla...

    I agree. Going through with that transaction does not make sense from a financial point of view. Patience grasshopper...
  18. Mini2nut

    Metal roof rather than glass on the Cybertruck

    Well find out in a month or so during the “refreshed” CT reveal. The only change I would be excited to see is a folding bulkhead to the bed area that is also climate controlled. It would be awesome for camping and convenient for carrying long items.
  19. Mini2nut

    Why no HUD? (On any Tesla?)

    Simply another revenue stream that is sometimes covered by your auto insurance company.
  20. Mini2nut

    Why no HUD? (On any Tesla?)

    The CT windshield glass is HUGE. I shudder to think what a replacement windshield will cost. I‘m also convinced that the CT Armor Glass demonstration last November was staged and only privy to a handful of employees. Mr. Musk is a genius at marketing. He knew the amount of free Cybertruck...