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  1. ldjessee

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    I looked up the tire and it is about 10 to 20% cheaper if it was on a smaller rim, 20" is the 2nd largest rim they make that particular tire for, according to the Good Year website. I like the Yokohama Geolander A/T G015 for a good multi-purpose tire, but it cost more than the Good Year tire...
  2. ldjessee

    Is the folded exoskeleton actually easy to manufacture

    I guess I just assumed the three components (front, battery, and rear casting) would be bolted together. It would be easy to automate, makes the vehicle easier to pair, and would make replacing the structural battery pack more manageable.
  3. ldjessee

    solar powered texas terafactory

    As long as the cost of installing solar and energy production is worth more than the money they would make in selling those solar panels to customers. I mean eventually they will, like in Nevada, but it may take longer than most people think it will.
  4. ldjessee

    Cyber Camper concept for Cybertruck

    Guess they are thinking it will be like the rack mounted tents common on many Jeeps and trucks, where the 'floor' of the tent is the rack. The floor of this will be the bed of the CyberTruck... though, if tall enough, I could see even having a bed storage system, like Decked (sp?) and sleep on...
  5. ldjessee

    Cybertruck Tire Size Options What Do You Choose?

    I also hope the standard rim is no larger than 18" and really was wishing for a 17", but that does not seem likely. Funny how a smaller rim size makes the tire cheaper, even if the tire has to be built stronger because of the taller sidewall (assuming the same overall height/circumference)
  6. ldjessee

    CATL video on cold weather battery operation

    Yet, were are on a site about a future product of a US based company that supposedly has the cutting edge in battery technology... I do not disagree that the US is not the leader it used to be... Camelot has fallen... But I just am not sure what exactly you are pointing to Crissa. Can you help...
  7. ldjessee

    Elon vs IG Metall Union - Who will win?

    If you watched the latest Sandy Munro (), I think that it really lowers the bar for training and taking some of the leverage away from unions. I support unions that are employee focused but not the ones who go too far. And the difference is a nebulous line and I am not sure I am qualified to...
  8. ldjessee

    To merge or not to merge?

    You think Tesla will sell their solar division? I could see them spinning it out to a wholly owned subsidiary, but I do not think they would sell it. There is so much that having the solar technology and manufacturing that pairs well (buzz word synergy) with the residential battery and SpaceX...
  9. ldjessee

    Lucid factory phase 1 complete

    Yeah, which is why Tesla started with higher price, lower volume vehicles then used that to fund higher volume models. They could have easily kept upping the cost of the Model S as it gained performance, never making the Model X, 3, or Y. They could have increased the price to the levels of...
  10. ldjessee

    Is the folded exoskeleton actually easy to manufacture

    Here is my thought, why not just replace the front or rear castings if they are damaged? If you have a modular component, why not just use it as such? Seems weird to me you would try to repair something that takes just a few seconds to make... It would probably be much cheaper to cast more...
  11. ldjessee

    Things I want to know...

    I know the Zero is like 500lbs or more lighter than my bike and I must have 150 to 200 lbs on you... Which is my way of saying I have a fat bike and a fat body! ;) (I really wish someone made a EV cruiser-tourer motorcycle... maybe when I pay this off, can get two wrecked Zeros and convert it...
  12. ldjessee

    Things I want to know...

    Having moved a piano across multiple states, I really wish I had gotten a truck with a powered liftgate... but a VERY long ramp made it manageable (angle was less than 30 degrees). That and cargo straps I used to slowly lower it down the ramp on a pair of furniture dollies (best $55 I have ever...
  13. ldjessee

    To merge or not to merge?

    What? Emperor Elon? Oh....Kay. Seriously, if someone came begging, pleading, I would only see a small, super highend company (like McLaren?) maybe being someone Musk might consider... I do not see Ford, GM, Fiat, VW, or Toyota having swallowed enough pride/face to ask...
  14. ldjessee

    Project Artemis - Tesla in the crosshairs of VW

    I thought Toyota made more road vehicles than the VW group? Maybe I am misremembering? Yes, that Diess wants to do better and lead his company to do better... but he has to be pragmatic about it and realize the environment VW is in or they will just toss him out, or the unions will strike...
  15. ldjessee

    CyberTruck Naming

    Beskar Steel?
  16. ldjessee

    Tools for Off-Roading

    I looked up a bunch of mounting gear for L-track and T-slots early in the year (Jan-Feb), but cannot find those notes now... Found this quickly, hilift mount.
  17. ldjessee

    Things I want to know...

    Wow, I thought my motorcycle was heavy... My bike and me are... ~1100 lbs?
  18. ldjessee

    CT Fenders and Side Cameras

    Yeah, CyberTruck would not shine in tight, technical trails where breakover and over all length are considerations. I definitely am wanting more of a overland style offroading. Not to say that you still do not end up rubbing against a rock or tree... but it probably happens less often.
  19. ldjessee

    Cybertruck ready for serious off-roading!

    Having rolled a tire from the rim/wheel on the street, if I was the kind to do high speed or very hard rock crawling, I would probably plan on getting beadlockers... But I plan more on the overlanding style of offroading, so will probably never bother with beadlockers on the CyberTruck.
  20. ldjessee

    Cybertruck ready for serious off-roading!

    I have never seen a truck pulled over for beadlocks... or heard about an insurance claim be denied because of them...