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  1. Newton

    Elon: Cybertruck's air suspension will be linked to FSD and respond automatically

    Haha, but I recently added fsd. Decided to get it if i can afford it. I didn't know about the supercomputer they will be using to help train it. Which I think will greatly decrease the time needed to get level5
  2. Newton

    Ride The Lightning podcast source says tri-motor Cybertruck will have at least 560 miles range + steering wheel has changed from prototype

    Have u checked to see where the closest super charger is to burning man? I have yet to go but would love to in the CT.
  3. Newton

    TSLA will join S&P 500 on December 21!

    Like anything, weigh the plus and minus. Perhaps my guess is in the very low percent of what will happen, but there is literally no negative to saying it (if some1l loses their money based on a random internet post, I have no guilt, that's the wrong word, no um sympathy, maybe is a better...
  4. Newton

    TSLA will join S&P 500 on December 21!

    I know nothing. My WAG( wild ass guess) analysis is just that.
  5. Newton

    Elon: Cybertruck's air suspension will be linked to FSD and respond automatically

    Maybe simple things like, going onto freeway, go to lowest setting,semi hard. Driving in oakland(or anywhere where the truck historically senses jarring roads) set softer. I guess that would be good, speedbumps too, hmm, maybe lowering when stopping for passangers like buss'.
  6. Newton

    TSLA will join S&P 500 on December 21!

    I havnt been lookin at it now that I'm holding. But it's like 585 as of now. I honestly dont know when it will drop again. My gut says about 2- 3 weeks after the inclusion to whatever stock club tsla is getting into(forgot the name) it will get sold off pretty hard (I'm thinking trumps taxs...
  7. Newton

    Elon: Cybertruck's air suspension will be linked to FSD and respond automatically

    Any1 wanna explain how changing suspension integrated with fsd matters? Personally I dont ever think, well I sure wish my suspension was higher, softer, lower, harder, or whatever when driving. If u need it changed for something specific I would do it at that time.
  8. Newton

    TSLA will join S&P 500 on December 21!

    Iv been pretty damn close with my predictions with tsla. Sadly what I have to invest is meager. But was able to rebuy at around 400, After buying and selling it almost weekly over the past months. I'm sitting at a hard hold until I need the money for CT. Maybe if I save up some more I can get...
  9. Newton

    Tesla Shows First 4680 Cells And Pack

    But in all seriousness I'm pleased they are making a battery specific factory/ going balls to the wall on cell production
  10. Newton

    CyberTruck Naming

    I dont name my vehicles. I might make an exception for this machine. Hmm... Silverfang Neo Khafre (an Egyptian pyramid) Maybe Nibui (japanese word for obtuse) Hk 69...Hk47 is a funny murderous droid from a star wars game Never really thought about it, but now I certainly will!
  11. Newton

    600+ Range For Cybertruck

    The thing is... the CT can have as much range as they want, just put more cells in it. I agree with others, comparing semi range to CT range is pointless. We can extrapolate the semi will have the equivalent of 3 to 4 CT packs. I havnt done any math but that's an educated-ish guess
  12. Newton

    telescoping tailgate and bed length

    12x6.5 = 78" maybe that's the problem? The telescope ramp, I guess they can try sealing it with wipers or leave it open and able to be rinsed, or pressure washed out. I think that would be fine Also check out this pic the bulge at the back of the cab is where vault cover windup goes I believe
  13. Newton

    Tesla’s Manufacturing Revolution — Machines That Set Tesla Apart

    I Tesla is the number1 company for young engineers coming out of and even going into school. (I was talking to a 16 year old kid, he was saying he wants to work for tesla someday) Alot of us young engineers choose this difficult schooling path becuase we want to make the world a better place...
  14. Newton

    The reality true prize of cybertruck.

    The prize is prize without savings. So base 1 motor is 40k before taxes and stuff, duel is 50k, tri was 70k?
  15. Newton

    CT vulnerabilities to persistent climate extremes

    My tests on 3mm stainless have shown it wont get any hotter than a normal car. Infact the stainless with no color on it is cooler than a dark color normal car
  16. Newton

    Is the additional range from the single motor to the dual worth $10k?

    Batteries! Too bad nikola tesla never got his wireless transmission ideas fully developed. I wish some1 would pay me to do experiments and come up with a way to harness gravity.
  17. Newton

    What's your power mix?

    No idea what my mix is. Was able to get down to 4kwh per day for a day or 2. But other days were 15khw(when more people were home)
  18. Newton

    New steering wheel hint?

    I'm really not a fan of screen buttons. Real buttons, you dont have to look at or question if it was pressed. But I do really like a screen directly in front of the driver.
  19. Newton

    Canceling FSD

    Parrot, parrot, squak. But also 8-10k is alot and if u dont think u will want/use the fsd, Well you know yourself the best. Im ONLY getting it for potential future taxi use.
  20. Newton

    Tesla packaged trailer upgrade kit

    This makes me wonder if FSD will be able to work with a trailer