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  1. OB-1

    What options or ideas would you like to see available for CT?

    An "electric fence" that can be activated from your phone to deter threats spotted in Sentry mode. FSD Boat Launch Mode.
  2. OB-1

    Musk on Cybertruck: It's better than people realize... they don’t have enough information to realize its awesomeness

    My imagination is in hyper-drive... self driving boat launch mode, self driving trailer hook-up, rock climbing mode with self leveling, baja mode, trailer hauling mode to maximize range...MAKE IT STOP! tire technology (self healing).
  3. OB-1

    What made you decide to buy your Cybertruck?

    Capability at price point. 500 Mile range (game changer, I can do round trips and not worry about charging). 0-60 2.9 sec? Midlife crisis - Check 😄. Air suspension, rolling on 35“s, ramp built into to tail gate, autonomous driving, all the things I did not know I alway wanted.