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  1. Alpeyev

    Check out Elon's Cybershoes and Cyberjacket!

    Especially his shoes!!!
  2. Alpeyev

    Anyone thinking of changing to a different Tesla model?

    Well I am taking delivery for model 3 LR coming Friday. Talked my wife into trading in her SUV for that so I can get a better idea :) Not giving up on my CB though.
  3. Alpeyev

    Elon Musk wasn't sure anybody would buy the Cybertruck. That turned out well :)

    Any other window would of let that ball bearing Reston driver’s head.
  4. Alpeyev

    Need a referral link!

    Thank you guys! From my purchasing experience this week, you actually get to put any referral link into your paperwork at the delivery and signing. I believe that incentives change over the time period so that might be a reason why model Y or CT does not apply to the existing incentives. My...
  5. Alpeyev

    Need a referral link!

    Let’s see :) Thank you!!!
  6. Alpeyev

    Need a referral link!

    Hey guys, I am taking a delivery for my model 3, got my wifey to buy one while I am waiting for my CB! At the delivery they do check if I have a referral link. Long story short, I ordered my wife’s model 3 through my account and can not get a referral. May I have your referral link please?
  7. Alpeyev

    Approximate Delivery?

    What is mine? RN113079445
  8. Alpeyev

    Cybertruck Towing Range

    I bet you that semi aerodynamics with trailer are better than dragging a flat sail behind we call RV.
  9. Alpeyev

    Cybertruck size comparisons against other vehicles

    Well M1 Abrams does have similar design as a CT...Drove those before, ready to drive my CT. 😏 In 2.5 years...
  10. Alpeyev

    Tesla Cybertruck Render Imagines Changes Required To Reach Production

    CT would look even meaner with staggered tires. Performance wise it might be great for a tri-motor.
  11. Alpeyev

    Musk retweets P100D out-towing F-150 video: "Anymore excuses Ford? Imagine what the Cybertruck will do"

    well at least you don’t have to worry about loading the ass of that F150 hahaha
  12. Alpeyev

    Towing Range Expectations

    That totally proves my concern. I towed my RV with F150 and it is not efficient at all. You loose third of the mileage per gallon so about 6-8 mpg. Based on the initial video I posted and this video, it is the same for EV. Problem is recharging. While one refills F150 at the stop for 15 minutes...
  13. Alpeyev

    Will you use Cybertruck as a daily driver? What are you trading in?

    Definitely daily driver for me. Trading in my Porsche Cayenne S. I am Porsche fan but had some issues with this particular one and really wanted to drive EV despite the fact that I have to tow the RV here and there. Porsche EV will be way to expensive for a while and towing will not be in sight...
  14. Alpeyev

    Musk: Cybertruck dimensions (width + length) can be reduced without losing utility or aesthetics

    Wonder what truck fits into the garage at all. Which was one of my concerns as well, but those damn garages are so small now days, that with mid size SUV one might find it hard to squeeze around it. Even if it does fit, it will have to be backed into it due to CB design of front wheel (great for...
  15. Alpeyev

    Towing Range Expectations

    So we can safely say that adding a Tesla power wall to your travel trailer might be a good alternative to extend range without paying 20K extrA for tri motor. Haha haha. Interesting option considering that the thing only weighs 300 lbs.
  16. Alpeyev

    Towing Range Expectations

    I am hoping to get some information on towing range capabilities of the Cybertruck, looking at this video on YouTube’s testing of model X from below article, it seems that 300 miles range could translate to 100 miles with the trailer. Did anybody see any information on that...